Scottish schools get dad out of the picture

Scottish schools get dad out of the picture — For decades now, it has been the aim of social engineers in the judiciary, of judiciary activists, to achieve the removal of dad from the social landscape. The consequences of the war against the family manifest themselves through escalating divorce rates in the developed nations, not merely through the increasing removal of dads from their families and from the lives of the children of divorce but through the criminalization of fatherhood.

For many years various reports in the media identified the growing trend of the divorce courts to get rid of dad in the developed nations.  The cover of the August 17, 1992 issue of  the Western Report showed an illustration of a family with the ghost of dad, to fit the story, “Getting Rid of Dad : The fathers fight back”, an article that described that false allegations levelled against men who are said to have sexually abused their children have become the weapon of choice in custody battles following divorce and separation.

“The fatherless Society” was the title of the cover story of the November 17, 1997 issue of Der Spiegel. It would be hard to find better examples of the presence of this international calamity than in the following articles that were produced by Matthias Matussek, a journalist and author writing for Der Spiegel (The Mirror), a widely-read German weekly news-magazine in a style similar to Time Magazine.

The article “Men are the Losers” provides an overview of the state of German family law and its consequences. The second article in Der Spiegel, The disfranchised Father, provides an in-depth look into the issues leading up to and involving the destruction of marriages and its effects on society. The article by Matthias Matussek “ Sisters, Stop Sucking Your Thumbs!” was not published in a printed version of Der Spiegel, but it was shown at Der Spiegel‘s web site.

There have been numerous chapters in the story of the elimination of dad from the social landscape. It is not just that Scottish schools get dad out of the picture.  There is no doubt that the feminists’ war against fathers and the traditional nuclear family spread from the judiciary to other sectors of society, and that it for some years now even came to influence and control the curriculum of the education systems of developed nations. That it did so should not surprise anyone.

The education system always played a key role in the vilification of political enemies of the state and to bring about the realization of political goals, especially in totalitarian systems. When lasting changes of society were to be brought about, the indoctrination of children played a key role in gaining control of the minds of the people of nations.

Plato, in Republic, has Socrates offer this advice to philosopher kings who intend to establish and maintain their absolute power: “Take all the children from their parents and rid the city of adults.

Napoleon and the founders of the Wandervogel (“bird of passage”, the enormously popular youth movement that began in about 1880 in Germany and produced many of the prominent – and often homosexual – Nazi leaders) stated: “Who owns the youth controls the future.”

Lenin said: “Give me your 4-year-olds, and within one generation I’ll construct a socialist state.”

Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf: “[The State] must set race in the center of all life. It must take care to keep it pure. It must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. It must see to it that only the healthy beget children….”

Paul Lowe, a Canadian fathers rights activist who, during the last few days of his life and dying from cancer, asked in 1998 in his presentation to the Alberta Justice Summit: “Would little Johnny be a criminal if he grew up to call somebody Dad?”

All is fair in war and in love, at least in the eyes of school officials.  Little Johnny must be prevented from mentioning dad and even be made to forget all about him.  Mentioning “dad” in schools is no longer politically correct.  To do so would offend children who grow up fatherless on account of the life-style choices of their “parents”.

The judicial war against the family expanded and became part of the education curriculum.  In many schools in all developed nations, the words “dad” and “mom” have been replaced by the words “parent” and “parents”, so as to become all-inclusive of “valid” alternative life-style choices.

The latest skirmish in the war against the family and fathers occurred in Scotland, where “Thousands of primary pupils were prevented from making Father’s Day cards at school for fear of embarrassing classmates who live with single mothers and lesbians,” but where, so far, the creation of Mothers-Day cards is still permissible.

And so the war against families and fathers continues until dads and the last remnants of the traditional nuclear family have vanished not only from the social landscape but even from the minds of children.

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