Sex lies data tapes – partner abuse industry corruption

By Carey Roberts, June 18, 2008,

The domestic violence industry is reeling from a recent series of high-profile scandals, leaving abuse workers to wonder how things could have possibly gone so wrong.

First the Sex

Recently a woman described her stay at an abuse shelter. In shocking detail, she recounts how threats and bullying had become commonplace among the shelter residents. Once a resident punched her forearm, screaming at her, “bitch!” One night another woman assaulted her, injuring her back and forcing her to seek medical attention.

The woman also recounted lesbian advances by a shelter employee. “If you become her girlfriend, you will be treated very good, I was 100% sure,” the woman sheepishly explains. On another occasion she was referred to a local lesbian attorney whose fetching assistant was “dressed like she was in a nightclub.”

This is a video that has to be seen to be believed:

Sexual harassment of women in abuse facilities is not uncommon. I have personally spoken with other women who were pressured by shelter workers to engage in lesbian sexual activity in return for better accommodations and special perks.

Now for the Lies

Two weeks ago a Maryland-based think tank called RADAR put out a report detailing numerous half-truths and falsehoods from the American Bar Association. The distortions are found in a document called “10 Myths about Custody and Domestic Violence and How to Counter Them.”

A few of the claims are eyebrow-raisers, like the ABA’s pronouncement that children who witness domestic violence are more likely to get lung disease! That’s right doc, if your patient can’t breathe, it’s probably because he once witnessed abuse.

And some statements are preposterous, like the assertion that abusive parents win child custody 70% of the time. So if you want to get custody of your kids, just tell the judge you abused them! ….(Full Story)

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