Old men unlikely celebrate Fathers Day

Although the problem described in the forwarded article is very real and huge, it is becoming larger.  To the number of old men who lost all contact with their children already decades ago must be added the number of the elderly who were induced to never have children and never forming attachments with a spouse.  The number of adults so inclined now approaches 30 percent of all adults.

That means that not only will the number of elderly lonely men rise as the years go by, but so will the number of elderly lonely women, except that for increasing numbers of elderly women the state of loneliness in their old age will, due to their far greater life expectancies, last many more years.

Daily Mail (Britain)
10 June 2008

How half a million lonely old men pay price of the divorce boom

By Steve Doughty, Social Affairs Correspondent

Half a million elderly men lead lonely lives with no friends and no contact with their families, a report warned yesterday….(Full Story)

The cause of loneliness for old men and old women

Feminism causes unhappiness.  One way in which it brings that about is that it is causing escalating loneliness for men and women.  Feminism gets a lot of attention, because feminists constantly assert that women are victims of men’s oppression.  The perceived solution is to prevent women and men from joining their lives, through urging women not to submit to men, and by punishing men who dare to attempt to become a woman’s provider and protector.

A number of ingenious and effective programs and methods were devised for that during the span of time since the mid-1960s, when “no-fault” divorce (the “fault” always lands on the shoulders of the man) first helped to open and widen the rift between the sexes.  Feminists and their camp followers did their best to widen that rift ever since. “No-fault” divorce is just one of the many methods used for that.  An ever intensifying propaganda war waged against all things male ever since before the 1960’s until today is another.

The efforts to vilify and punish men were and still are successful.  Steadily more and more adults refuse to become married and to have children.  That, in turn, causes loneliness for many elderly, men and women, but loneliness affects old men more so than old women,  The reasons for that are a different matter for another commentary.  Let’s just take a look for now whether the loneliness of men and women even registers with people in general, and whether different levels of interest and compassion for the victims of the gender war are reflected in the number of internet searches for each category of victim.  (The interest in “feminism” is shown as a reference.)

Search-results comparison

I tried searches for the search terms indicated in the following table.  the table shows the number of results for each term and as per three different search engines.

Comparisons of search results for search terms such as "lonely old men" provide less than trustworthy results.

Comparisons of search results for search terms such as “lonely old men” provide less than trustworthy results.

Note: * A note is displayed, stating: Your search for “lonely old women” did not match with any results.
But then, ten search entries are listed, of which two include in the text displayed the search term: “lonely old women”.

Obviously, search engines don’t even come close to providing accurate measures of levels of interest by the public.  Another approach may provide more reliable results on the respective extents of satisfaction of lonely old men and lonely old women, at least a comparison of old men and old women. What proportions of them are lonely is anyone’s guess.  It appears that no one cares enough to determine what the exact numbers are for lonely elderly and their relative numbers relating to old men and old women.

Consider that, in about 1900, men and women enjoyed on average about equally long lives, but that today women live vastly longer lives than men do.  The next image shows the consequences of that for old men and for old women.

Differences in the numbers of US old men and US old women aged 85 and over

Differences in the numbers of US old men and old women aged 85 and over

Consider that no one has yet been able to find any indication that satisfied or happy people are likely to commit suicide.  The next image shows that men are more likely than women to commit suicide, and that, although there are far fewer old men than old women there are greater numbers of old men who become suicide victims.  Taking into account  the differing numbers of men and women in all age groups, the best way to measure their relative states of mind with respect to how likely they are to kill themselves, respectively, in individual age groups is to compare their suicide rates.  The next image shows the net results of that comparison.

Ratio of male/female ration of suicides, all age groups, 1908 - 1996

Old men stand out. Ratios of male/female suicides rates, all age groups, 1980 – 1996

More at USA Suicide Deaths 1979 to 1996

It is highly likely that loneliness is a contributing factor in causing old men to commit suicide, the more likely, the older they are.  How much of a role loneliness plays in that remains to be determined.  Search engines are useless for getting a remotely accurate impression.  Accurate results could be determined  through research by reputable individuals.  That takes someone to take an interest and to figure out how that can be measured.  It is not likely that loneliness is a type of category that is being ticked-off on coroners’ reports.  If it were, how would anyone explain that the situation with men was permitted to worsen so much over the years?  Would that then be because no one cares about men?

Other than that, how dare the men who kill themselves do it in so very much greater numbers and at such enormously higher rates?  They could have been serving women!  Let’s punish all men for that, collectively, and let’s make their lives miserable, right?  Good riddance, and things are fine the way they are.  Women need to be empowered, because they are being oppressed.  Those are ridiculous assertions?  Really?  If so, then how did things get to be the way they are?

If anyone should want to determine the reasons for old men’s enormously higher suicides rates, he may wish to begin with his search for answers by finding out how feminist social researcher rationalize that particular aspect of the Status of Men, and why it is that, the older they are, the more men are likely to feel that they will be better off dead than alive.  Here is a clue.  Old men do not commit suicide because they are happy.

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