Fathers rights demonstration in Poland, 2008 05 25

Ulf sent photos.  Ulf, if you were by any chance at the fathers rights demonstration, in Warsaw, Poland,  2008 05 25, you could not have helped observing what the photos you sent appear to indicate, that not only were there few participants but also few spectators.

Fathers rights demonstration, Warsaw, Poland, 2008 05 25

Fathers rights demonstration, Warsaw, Poland, 2008 05 25

I don’t know whether that fathers rights demonstration was the very first one in Poland. Future demonstrations will quite likely be somewhat bigger, but – just as wherever such demonstrations took place – never impressively large.

World Congress on Families

I hope that no one will be turned off by that. Help is already underway from a direction in which few fathers rights activists show little and mostly no interest. The help comes from pro-family rights organizations such as the World Congress on Families.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? When the family is strengthened, the fathers’ role is strengthened. There is no possible way to strengthen families without strengthening the fathers’ role. Virtually no fathers rights activists have any interest in promoting or connecting with pro-family organizations. Did you ever wonder why?

Another issue connects with that.

Depopulating the World

Pro-family organizations have a great interest in it, and fathers rights organizations do not. Doesn’t that make you wonder why that is?  Search the Internet for the term “demographic winter”. Incidentally, here is an article that summarizes the issues of the demographic winter that result from the trend to depopulate the world.

Why don’t fathers rights organization participate in the growing trend to stop and counteract the population implosion? The solution, the strengthening of the family, will also solve the problem of the escalating abrogation of fathers’ rights.

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By the way, the last international congress of the World Congress of Families (the largest ever, so far, with about 6,000 people from all over the world attending) took place in 2007, in Warsaw, Poland.

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