Australia considers Canadian freedom of speech a joke

Australia considers Canadian freedom of speech a joke (and rightly so) served by an institution with totalitarian, bureaucratic powers that censors the truth.

The Australian

Canada’s deadly tongue trap

James Allan | June 06, 2008

HERE is a little known fact about Canada. It is today a country where you can say or write things that are true and yet still be brought before a tribunal.

That tribunal can fine you; it can order you to pay money to the people who complained about your words; it can force you to issue an apology; it can do all three.

That’s not all, though. The people who complained will not need to hire a lawyer.

Their costs will be picked up by the state, by the taxpayers.

You, on the other hand, will have to hire a lawyer to defend yourself. And there will be no award of costs at the end, so that even if you win, you will still be out of pocket to your lawyers tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, you will not win.

Why? Because in the entire history of these Canadian tribunals, hearing these cases, those people like you who have been hauled before these tribunals have never won – not one single time.

The complainants always win.

This amazing inroad into free speech will surely come as a surprise to most Australians, not least because in so many ways Canada is the country closest to ours in terms of constitutional and democratic history….(Full Story)

James Allan’s article describes a Canadian institution for censoring of the truth with the full and totalitarian power of judicial bureaucrats. A Canadian human rights tribunal brought the Report Newsmagazine to its knees and, by ruling on an arguably contrived violation of Canadian freedom of speech,  heavily contributed to causing it to stop publishing.

Here is Link Byfield’s (the publisher) reaction to the 2002 decision by the Alberta Human Rights Commission against the Report Newsmagazine. Link Byfield’s public response to the Alberta Human Rights Commission should, more accurately, be called a farewell to Canadian freedom of speech. “Canadian freedom of speech a joke” is a far cry from what happened to the Report Newsmagazine and others who were but through the mill of the Canadian human rights tribunals.

Incidentally, Ezra Levant took over where the Report Newsmagazine left off. His newsmagazine Western Standard had [in 2004] filled the niche left by the Report Newsmagazine, but that ceased to be published in late 2007. However, as of now [June 2008] the Western Standard’s website and shotgun-blog are still alive and well [as of 2018, they could not longer be found on the Internet].


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