Same-sex marriage and polygamist cults

Posted: June 06, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

By Stephen Baskerville
© 2008 

Same-sex marriage and polygamist cults

What does the California Supreme Court decision on same-sex “marriage” have to do with the seizure of over 400 children by social workers from a polygamist cult in Texas? Plenty, and it is much more than same-sex marriage opening the way to polygamy, real as that is. Together, these two news items illustrate how advanced and ubiquitous is the government’s assault on the family. The fact that such matters now pervade our news should alarm and mobilize every American to understand and resist massive government machinery that threatens both marriage and parenthood.

First, same-sex “marriage” is a symptom, not a cause, of government’s larger effort to redefine the family. Almost 40 years ago, with no public debate or consultation, government not only redefined but effectively abolished marriage as a legal contract through “no-fault” divorce.


Same-sex marriage advocates are correct when they point out that heterosexuals, not homosexuals, first weakened marriage.

“The weakening of marriage has been heterosexuals’ doing, not gays’, for it is their infidelity, divorce rates and single-parent families that have wrought social damage,” observes the Economist. This argument is somewhat disingenuous, since the divorce revolution was itself driven by the same sexual radicalism that now pushes same-sex marriage. Still, the truth itself is undeniable.

“The problem today is not gay couples wanting to get married,” claims Jonathan Rauch. “The threat to marriage is straight couples not wanting to get married or straight couples not staying married.” Traditionalists’ efforts to take the moral high ground have been seriously undermined by their inability to answer this point….(Full Story)

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