Don’t be hornswoggled, pro-choice promotes abortion


It is a good thing that you caught that error, although it is somewhat debatable that the number of 66,500 chemically induced abortions is true.

Pro-choice promotes abortion. Opinions on abortion differ and depend on what one considers to be an abortion.  To someone considering conception as the beginning of a new life, willful termination of the ensuing development of the child at any point during gestation right until the birth of the child is over is not permissible.  Pro-abortion advocates use a different standard. That is not an objective, absolute standard but a constantly expanding, subjective, relative one.  At the present time that standard encompasses the termination of life at any point of “gestation”, from right after conception to just before the last foot of a fully developed baby emerges from the mother giving birth.  Some pro-abortion advocates clamor that the right of women to have an abortion should be expanded to include infants and young children, using the argument that young children are not yet fully developed humans.

Don’t be queasy.  Contrary to the biologically determined nature of the sexes, murder is a social construct and can easily be made completely acceptable, even on an extremely large scale.  The estimated 50 million abortions that are being performed in the world each year are proof of that.  Not a single tyrant in the history of mankind was deadlier than the tyranny of abortion rights.  The only good thing about that horror is that the affected parties are not around to complain.  Fortunately, so far about 70 million potential victims of deliberate killing are permitted to live each year, but the annual number of children that are permitted to live and to be born into the world is shrinking year after year.

The morning-after pill is quite often taken not the morning after but when the first signs of a pregnancy are being noticed (e. g.: a missed period, or the first signs of morning sickness).  Regardless of when it is taken, the “morning-after” pill is an abortifacient, that is, it is intended to cause an abortion — the termination of the development of a child after conception (pro-choice advocates have amazingly many euphemisms for killing).  Even politically-correct Wikipedia flatly states: “An abortifacient is a substance that induces abortion.

Anna Glasier’s statistics that Deborah Orr put into her article, that “the morning-after pill has prevented more than 66,500 abortions in England and Wales in 2004 alone,” are ludicrous, totally irrational and a prime example of feminist use of dialectics instead of proper logic.  There is absolutely no way that an abortion can prevent an abortion.  A chemically induced abortion merely substitutes for one that is induced by any other means.

Aside from that, where did Anne Glasier get her numbers? I doubt it very much that only 66,500 “morning-after” pills were sold or handed out in England and Wales in 2004. Find out how many of those pills were handed out, and you will come much closer to being able to accurately calculate how many abortions there truly were.

In the article you forwarded, the rudeness of Deborah Orr’s statement, namely that, “…it’s sobering to understand that you really ought to keep your trap shut about abortion because it might put a child off having one,” takes nothing away from the fact that by taking “morning-after” pills, the children (and anyone else) whom Deborah Orr wants to have abortions are having abortions.

Note to Deborah Orr: “What do you think the purpose of sexual intercourse by a man and a woman is?  The fact that sexual intercourse provides pleasure to the participants who engage in it is nothing other than an inducement to produce a child.  Teach children that they must not engage in behaviour that produces children.”

In regard to “the intractability of some of the social problems we face” that Deborah Orr mentioned in her article, the social problems we face are largely a result of our loss of civility and of civilized behaviour.

Civilized behaviour is a product of a well-functioning civilization, and vice versa.  Such civilizations come about through the regulation of human sexuality, through the evolution and promotion of the symbiosis of traditional nuclear families and other features of the civilization whom they relate with.  Take the thin veneer – the regulation of human sexuality – away from any society, and human savagery will soon show itself.

The escalating brutality of the increasingly uncivilized society that then remains demands to make acceptable some of the most atrocious acts that not even monkeys swinging through the trees are capable of committing.  Amongst those acts is the killing of conceived but not-yet-born offspring in what once was considered a sacred and inviolate wellspring of life, the womb.  Worst of all, the societies that promote abortions will help to exterminate themselves – which is what we are busy doing right now.


Robert wrote:

I have made a fundamental mistake in some recent calculations.

When I looked up the birth rate and the numbers of children born and found it to be 1.7 (when it needs to 2.1) I calculated that by adding back in the number of abortions (ie surgical) over the same period would have restored the birth rate to between 2.1 to 2.4.

What I did not allow for was the morning-after pill.

In the article below Prof. Anna Glasier states the morning-after pill has prevented more than 66,500 abortions in England and Wales in 2004 alone. RW – – – – –

Deborah Orr: So much for the abortion debate, but what about the women who have them?

The independent, Saturday, 16 September 2006

[The article can be found at What about the women who have abortions?, 31 October 2006, by Deborah Orr, Pretoria News (Update 2018 06 21: That link is broken, but this link leads to a copy of the article.) —WHS]

It’s pretty strange, this ever-growing enthusiasm for abortion in Britain, when one considers what a bloody awful ordeal it is for most of the women who experience it. Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor Anna Glasier offers the grim news that the wider availability of the morning-after pill has prevented more than 66,500 abortions in England and Wales in 2004, but that there were, nevertheless, 185,400 terminations in the same year….Full Story (Update 2018 06 21: That link is broken, but this link leads to a copy of the article.  —WHS)


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