In defense of men

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By Marty Nemko

What do the following people have in common: Aristotle, Plato, Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Monet, the Wright Brothers, Jonas Salk, Steven Spielberg, 98% of the Nobel Prize Winners for science, the key scientists behind the development of every drug from aspirin to breast cancer breakthrough Herceptin, from anesthetic to heart bypass surgery, from refrigeration to heating, from the electric light bulb to the radio, the television, the computer, and the mapping of human genome? They’re all men.

And in the five decades since the women’s movement began, 97% of science, 92% of literature, and 100% of economic Nobel Laureates still are men.

Turning to the lower rungs of the work world, do you want any of these jobs: Fumigator? Prison guard? Coal miner? Steelworker? Sewer maintainer? Neither do most women. Almost everyone who does such grungy, dangerous, life-shortening work is a man.

Yet today, men are falsely accused of so much:

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See also information on and book reviews of David Thomas’ book, Not Guilty — In Defence of the Modern Man.

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