Violence against women!? It is propaganda

Turning the personal into the political

The other day someone let me view a video on Islamic violence against women. The video contained many instances of gruesome violence against women, amongst them, the murder of a Jordanian girl, an honour killing.  It had happened perhaps about 14 or more years ago.  I wrote about it on Mothers_Day_1998, when a TV program, “Mothers and their Daughters”, mentioning it was broadcast by CTV Edmonton. That CTV program was about as revolting as the video of Islamic violence against women I watched the other day. Who knows, the two videos may even be the same. I can’t tell, too much time has gone by between the two viewings, and I had watched only relatively small portions of each video.

You may wish to read that comment I wrote about “Mothers and their Daughters” and especially the appended excerpt from “Covert Video Recordings of Life-threatening Child Abuse: Lessons for Child Protection” (PEDRIATRICS Vol. 100 No. 5, November 1997, Dr. Southall et al.). That provides for somewhat better balance in the coverage of the issue of violence against and by women.

It cannot be stressed enough that gruesome murders like that in Jordan about a decade or more years ago happen so rarely that feminists mention them for years and probably until the end of time. That is all they have with which to raise sympathy for women in that fashion, but it is enough. The anti-male feminists simply have only a very small base for their claims. That is why they have to repeat their claims over and over, for years and even decades on end. They invent the rest of their claims and false assertions, and they even go back into prehistoric times – although that defies all logic. How can anyone claim anything even remotely correct about anything that is supposed to have happened between the sexes before history was written down? However, the feminists justify their discrimination against men by demanding that today’s men have to atone for the crimes of their fathers, even if those crimes are pure inventions and distortions.

No better way to get men to atone for violence against women than to force them to register to die for women, that's what a man's got to do.

Atoning for violence against women – forced to be women’s protectors

The trouble with the hyped-up, endless repetitions of falsely alleged and ancient wrongdoings by men is that they are an effective propaganda tactic. Every time people see pictures or a movie of such things, they become affected. In essence, they are being brainwashed in a specific and extremely biased fashion, as the gruesome and far more prevalent murders and mass-slaughters of men are not being mentioned.

However, there is a far more insidious aspect of that sort of feminist propaganda. What is also not being mentioned is that women participate as primary perpetrators and especially as participants who give orders to others to torture and murder, especially when it comes to genital mutilation of girls. Naturally, the feminist propagandists never, ever mention the genital mutilation of boys, circumcision – most often done without anesthesia.

Feminist propagandists learned a lot from Lenin, Hitler and other masters of mass-brainwashing in all totalitarian regimes. Hitler said that if one tells lies, he must tell big lies, and that he only has to repeat the lies incessantly and all-pervasively to have them accepted by the general public as the truth.

Hitler also said that when it comes to successful propaganda it is important to “never underestimate the enormous capacity of the masses to forget”.

There is without a doubt a lot of indoctrination done with the Koran and with the Bible. Many passages in the Bible identify women as instigators of and participants in violence, but in all the illustrations that were ever inserted into any edition or version of the Bible, not one ever showed a woman taking part in an honour-killing of anyone.  That is institutionalized denial of reality.

The ancient laws in the Bible and in the Koran demand that all adulterers, and not exclusively only women, were to be put to death. Contrary to reality and to the words of the Bible, not one of the illustrations in the Bible or in modern tools of indoctrination ever show a woman doing the killing or a man being the victim of a woman’s violence. The illustrations do show women as loving mothers and as sufferers, even though there are more than enough passages in the Bible that describe many but not all women as anything but being loving or suffering.

A picture is worth a thousand words. All propagandists, including modern-day feminists, are well aware of that, which is why they use pictures all the time. As far as the effectiveness of feminist propaganda goes, any photo or artistic illustration of a bruised, mutilated or tortured woman will do to raise sympathy for all women, even if it is a dozen or more years old. Propaganda never presents reality in an objective fashion.

The communists in the USSR raised propaganda to a fine art.  Just as they did with the Communist Manifesto, the feminists took those propaganda tactics over and now daily use them to bombard us with them: turning the personal into the political.

The use of the honour killing of the Jordanian girl for propaganda purposes and to imply that such an extremely rare form of a woman’s death is something that is being done to systematically victimize all women is an instant of making the personal political. Feminists use such tactics to assert that every woman’s pain is being felt by every other woman. Well, if that were truly so, we would have only horribly bruised and headless women walking around in the whole world.  When did anyone in the West ever see any evidence of that?  It does not matter, as long as the image of it can be used endlessly to assert that it happens.

Logic is feminism’s weakness, hyperbole its strength. If we throw away the gender lens and look objectively at reality, then we find that without a doubt men do far more suffering than women do. Here are a few comparisons.

You will have no trouble adding many other comparisons to the list. It is obvious that for men to be patriarchal male oppressors of women is a tough, even deadly job, but I am just kidding. Except for the fact that there is no male conspiracy to oppress women, men do on average — in the whole world — die five years earlier than women do.

If you wish to find the truth about many feminist distortions and myths, you can find quite a few very surprising truths at The Domain of Patriarchy on the Internet, by Robert Sheaffer – Chief Patriarch and Oppressor-General.

However, if all men truly oppress women, it would be the first time in the history of mankind that the oppressors live shorter lives than do those whom they oppress. In the feminist ideological universe that does not matter: women receive credit for suffering women don’t do, while men receive no credit at all for suffering that men do. In the feminist universe men’s suffering is invisible.

The Independent Women’s Forum debunked ten feminist- and government-promoted facts:

Take Back the Campus

Are you tired of male-bashing and victimology?
Have you had your fill of feminist “Ms./Information”?
Have you been misled by factually challenged professors?


Campus feminism is a kind of cult: As early as freshman orientation, professors begin spinning theories about how American women are oppressed under “patriarchy.” Here is a list of the most common feminist myths. If you believe two or more of these untruths, you may need deprogramming.


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Feminists think that men keep on being made the tools and the victims of feminist propaganda?  Men won’t do so much longer. There will be an end to it.  There is only so much that real men will take.
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SUMMARY:  This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.   More…
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