How to pick a wife or girlfriend

Quite a few men write to us about how to pick a wife or girlfriend whom they can trust to be able to live with.  It seems that the answer to that is obvious to most.

Here is the advice that we offer to them when such a question is asked.

The most important aspect of a wife-to-be is how she treats the men in her life: her father, her sons, her brothers, her uncles, her husband or her boyfriend, and even her ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends.  For example:

  • If she cheats on her husband or on her boyfriend, she will be likely to cheat on you;
  • If she talks bad about any of the men in her life, she will be likely to talk bad, or worse, about you;
  • If she says that she is the victim of any of the men in her life, she will be likely to eventually say the same thing, or worse things, in relation to you;
  • If she denies the father of her child his rightful place at the side of that child, she will be likely to deny you that place in the life of the child that she will have from you;
  • If she steals from any of the men in her life, she will be likely to steal from you, especially your child’s love and affection;
  • If she lies to or about anyone, she will be likely to lie about you and to you about anything and everything, and
  • If she mistreats any of the men in her life that were there before you came on the scene, she will be likely to mistreat you the same way or mistreat you even worse.

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(h/t to Friends of Protection for Men)

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  1. The article identified in the following is a good source of additional information.
    5 Ways to Avoid Becoming Involved with Another Crazy, Emotionally Abusive Borderline or Narcissistic Woman
    Wednesday, September 1, 2010
    By Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Many men have a long established pattern of dating and/or marrying crazy, emotionally abusive women with Borderline Personality Disorder and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder traits. If you’re one of them and have managed to end your most recent abusive relationship, here are some warning signs and ways you can avoid becoming involved with another one of these highly destructive women:

    1) Dig, baby, dig. Do a little gentle digging (i.e., no police interrogation tactics) about her past relationships and why they didn’t work out. Does she blame all of her exes and make them out to be bastards? If so, steer clear. You want to hear a potential love interest take some of the responsibility about the demise of her past relationships. “I was young and immature. I didn’t know what I wanted. I realize now that I…” (Full Story)

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