Feminism may go too far in girls vs. boys

Feminism may go too far in girls vs. boys is an interesting article, not so much because of another woman catching on to the damages that feminism caused and is causing to the relationships between the sexes, but because of how even women who catch on to that have a hard time casting off the stereotypes that feminism indoctrinated us with.

Detroit Free Press
28 March 2008

Feminism may go too far in girls vs. boys
By Holly Browne

I recognize that U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton has the ability and as much
right as any man to run for president. I firmly believe in equal pay for
equal work, and that women can do any job they set their minds to doing. I
grew up witnessing the many positive changes feminism has brought about –
including economic and political gains for women, as well as changes in the
way we live, dress, make a living and dream of a future.

But as I sat in the stands of my local indoor soccer facility, watching my
son’s under-12 boys team being physically abused by a girls team, I
couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps feminism has finally gone too far….

The article concludes with:

We are raising our boys to be men in a world that increasingly disrespects
men in a variety of venues. If we truly believe in equal rights, then we
women need to speak up and stop allowing TV programs, clothing, and even
children’s sports to get away with the male bashing that is going on. We
need to build up our boys instead of tearing them down. We need to teach
them how to be men. Men who are intelligent, sensitive and strong.

Men who know how to treat a lady….(Full Story)

It seems to me that  Holly Browne got it wrong.  Even though she is right, in as much that we need to build boys up, there is little use in building boys up to learn to be “men who know how to treat a lady”, if girls don’t learn how to be ladies.

However, as the saying goes, if a woman (or a girl) needs to be told what it means to be a lady, she isn’t one.  That is a lesson that the parents of girls Holly Browne is talking about need to learn, but feminism is getting in the way of that.

The teaching of Western Chivalry always was a one-sided affair.  There never was a female counterpart of that.  However, if there was, what was it called when it still existed?

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