Propaganda Tactics: Blurring of Definitions

Propaganda tactics involving the blurring of definitions are being used to reeducate the population. For some years now it has been customary in the media to designate pederasts as pedophiles.

Some of the reasons for that would be:

  1. A pederast is definitely someone interested in homosexual activities with children, something that society abhors more than heterosexual child abuse by adults. A homosexual who abuses children of his own sex, what could be worse than that?
  2. A pederast would have as victim a child of a specific sex, a child of his own sex. Given that women and girls are, according to the feminist-dominated media, the primary victims in our society, it would not serve the goals of the anti-male and pro-homosexual media propaganda war to identify boys as the primary victims of sexual child abuse.

For those reasons it should not surprise anyone to see articles like the following, in which a man who sexually abused boys — a pederast — is being depicted as a pedophile.

Convicted paedophile kicked out of Australia arrives in Britain as experts warn: ‘He’ll strike again’ (Daily Mail, 2008 03 08)

Convicted serial paedophile Raymond Horne landed in London today to a tide of protest after he was deported from Australia for abusing
children, sparking fears that British children are now at risk.

His head covered by a blanket and his distinctive white beard still visible, the 61-year-old was met by police at Heathrow before 6am.

He was deported to the UK after serving a 12-year jail sentence in Australia for 14 sex offences after he lured two homeless boys to his
apartment while volunteering for a charity….

In spite of the high incidence rate of pederasty (e.g.: in social work, Boy Scouts, sports teams, etc.), it is curious that it receives so little mention in specific terms in the media.

That is not so when one contemplates the respective volumes of explanations and descriptions (especially when it comes to illustrations) of pederasty and pedophilia in something like Wikipedia. It is difficult to comprehend why the Wikipedia entry for pedophilia shows not a single illustration, while Wikipedia deemed the entry for pederast to be in need of eleven of them.

Obviously there are some people whose interest in pederasty is enormously greater than their concern about pedophilia. However, the differences between the Wikipedia entries for pederasty and pedophilia extend beyond the presence of illustrations in one and the absence of illustrations in the other.

As with homosexuality itself, so pederasty (homosexual child abuse) is sought be be made acceptable, while the situation is somewhat different with respect to the Wikipedia entry for pedophilia.

From the Wikipedia entry for pederasty:

Today, while there is greater public acceptance of homosexuality in many countries, adult erotic relations with boys are generally viewed with disapproval, even when the youths are of legal age.

And the comparable quote from the Wikipedia entry for pedophilia:

The ICD-10 and DSM IV, which are standard medical diagnosis manuals, describe pedophilia as a paraphilia and mental disorder of adults or older adolescents, if it causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.[2]

Curiously, the entry for pedophilia contains 12 instances of the term “child sexual abuse”, while the entry for pederasty contains not a single instance of that term.

It appears that, going by “public opinion” as reflected in the general media and in Wikipedia, pederasty — a homosexual form of child sexual abuse — is morally acceptable, if not desirable, while pedophilia is a mental aberration that is as a matter of course an offence only if it causes discomfort for the perpetrator.

As our social and moral evolution in the context of the sexual revolution progresses, it remains to be seen whether pederasty can be successfully excluded from the category of child sexual abuse and whether all forms of pedophilia (its promoters more commonly call it “intergenerational sex”) can eventually be decriminalized and even be made to be generally desired. That appears to be the plan, does it not, the legalization of statutory rape, right?

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