Male suicide – silent epidemic in need of a cure

Updated 2019 02 11: Added links to related articles.

Male suicide – silent epidemic in need of a cure: For the first time in many years, in almost a decade in fact, here is an article that identifies male suicide in the U.K. as a problem that is being ignored and needs to be solved: The silent epidemic of male suicide, By Dan Bell, Feb. 4, 2008, BBC News.

Incongruously, the article was published at the BBC website, while the BBC is one of the major promoters of “news” and other male-bashing items that contributed over the years to the escalating epidemic of male suicides.

However, one swallow doesn’t make for spring, and one pro-male article about male suicide trends will not end the escalating epidemic of male suicide.  Here is additional information that can help end the male-suicide epidemic in the U.K. and in the whole world.

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