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Bias against dads, study reveals

Focus on the Family January 9, 2008 Bias against dads: “The research has not kept up with the changes in society, with fathers being more and more involved in children’s lives,” Moon, a clinical psychologist, told CanWest News Service. “Almost all the previous research has been conducted with mothers.” Moon is researching the parental response to a child’s pain, specifically if fathers react differently based on whether a son or a daughter is suffering. She discovered that the questionnaires and tests previous researchers conducted all excluded the responses of fathers, presumably because it was thought that mothers were the primary caregivers….(Full Story) _________ Comments: The full article is well worth reading, … Continue reading

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“A Crime Against Women”

The Feminist Majority Foundation insists that they are the place to go to for “facts” and “news” on crime against women.  However, their facts on crime against women don’t add up and don’t make sense: Get the [feminist] facts on domestic violence and women’s rights, including feminist news on violence against women: Domestic Violence Info Center at the Feminist Majority Foundation. The vast majority of domestic assaults are committed by men. Even when men are victimized, 10% are assaulted by another man. In contrast, only 2% of women who are victimized are assaulted by another woman. Let’s assume for a moment that those statistics are correct. In that case, “when … Continue reading

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Your children are safe in school? Really?

Updated 2018 07 16, to expand on child sexual abuse by school personnel Your children are safe in school?  Really? They are given in trust to schools.  You expect them to be safe there.  Is that trust justified? Women comprise the majority of teachers, and, given that anti-male propaganda presumes that women are innocent, the perception appears justified that, the more teachers are women, the safer our children are from sexual predation. At least two aspects counter that assumption. Women are as human as men, and all humans err. That is likely to be aggravated by the circumstance that, when two sectors of potential sexual predators of children are being differentiated, … Continue reading

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Request for help with excessive child support

Updated 2018 05 17 This concerns a request for help with excessive child support. We often receive help requests such as that by Lisa and George (not their real names) quoted here. To Whom it may concern, My husband and I met 10 years ago. He was briefly married to a women for 1 year and they had a baby boy. After $30,000 and 3 years later in court fees, my husband finally received joint legal custody. We have my stepson (now 11) on a one-week-on, one-week-off basis. The week that we have him we must still pay the ex wife $120.00 and she spends this on herself. (FYI, she … Continue reading

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FOX Business mortgage calculator

Everyone must borrow money now or then.  If so, he should use a loan and mortgage calculator to help him make the right decisions. Here is a link to the FOX Business mortgage calculator. The FOX Business mortgage calculator requires Java to be enabled on your PC, but is very easy to use. Amongst the things it can do for you, the FOX Business mortgage calculator lets you calculate by how much the term of your mortgage or loan will be reduced if you make an extra payment of any desired amount at any given time, or if you wish to increase the amount of your monthly loan payment. Of … Continue reading

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New Evidence of Liberal Media Bias

Accuracy in Media (AIM) AIM Report: New Evidence of Liberal Media Bias – November A AIM Report | By AIM Report | November 6, 2006 NEW EVIDENCE OF LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS By Andrew G. Selepak (Editor’s Note: This study found evidence that conservatives were more likely to perceive media bias than liberals, but that both conservatives and liberals detected bias in media outlets that leaned against their political perspectives. In the end, however, because conservatives were more critical of the media both in general and in response to specific outlets, the results seem most consistent with the claim that a liberal political bias exists in the mainstream news media.) Conservative … Continue reading

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Another religion : Feminism threatens Christianity

Updated 2019 05 10, to add links to related articles. To the Roman Catholic Church in the U.K. I am, in fact, convinced, that what feminism promotes in its radical form is no longer the Christianity that we know; it is another religion. — Pope Benedict XVI speaking (as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) on radical feminism. Excerpt from ‘The Ratzinger Report’ (Ignatius Press) The preceding quote is from This resource website on catholic feminism has been created in response to a series of articles titled “The Feminist Threat to the Church” by Patricia Phillips, published in the monthly journal Christian Order. It has been produced and funded by an inter-diocesan … Continue reading

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Man cannot deny legal paternity, contrary to evidence

Updated 2019 02 12: Installed a link to a court order in the case, and added links to related articles. Legal paternity cannot be refused by a man who is not the biological father of a child. Court denies father’s motion in child custody case Marianas Variety; Jan.4, 2008 By Cherrie Anne E. VillahermosaVariety News Staff THE Superior Court has denied a man’s motion to set aside a judgment  stating  he is the biological father of a minor child. The court said it is statutorily prohibited from declaring the nonexistence of a father-child relationship and finds that such declaration would not be in the best interest of the child….(Full Story; … Continue reading

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Population Decline – Consequence of a death wish

Last update: 2018 12 13 To bring about a halt to the growth of the world population, about 30 and more years ago, the promoters of population control called for Zero-Population Growth. ZPG requires a total fertility rate of 2.2 children per average woman of fertile age in a given country. Total fertility rates of less than 2.2 are indicators of population decline, in effect not of Zero-population growth but of negative population growth, of a reduction in population. In 2007 there were 117 countries (all of the developed nations amongst them), in 2014 there were 122 out of 223, and in 2016 there were 127 out of 226 countries … Continue reading

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Well Over One Million Spaniards Demonstrate for Marriage and Family

Updated 2019 02 12: Added links to related articles. From:  LifeSiteNews Mainstream Media Systematically Misreports Attendance Figures – Reuters, Associated Press deflate official figures By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman MADRID, January 2, 2008 (–Between one and two million people gathered in Madrid’s Colón Plaza and surrounding streets on December 30th to affirm the values of marriage and family, and to protest the socialist government’s attacks on the institution. The gathering, held only three months before Spain’s presidential elections, was addressed by Pope Benedict XVI by video link from St. Peter’s Square, where he told the crowds that “the family, founded on marriage, an indissoluble communion of man and woman, is the … Continue reading

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