FOX Business mortgage calculator

Everyone must borrow money now or then.  If so, he should use a loan and mortgage calculator to help him make the right decisions.

Here is a link to the FOX Business mortgage calculator.

The FOX Business mortgage calculator requires Java to be enabled on your PC, but is very easy to use.

Amongst the things it can do for you, the FOX Business mortgage calculator lets you calculate by how much the term of your mortgage or loan will be reduced if you make an extra payment of any desired amount at any given time, or if you wish to increase the amount of your monthly loan payment.

Of course, none of that will matter if you like contributing to the record profits our banks are making each year, or if you don’t mind if your government is squandering the taxes you pay.

Isn’t it odd that many people complain about the ever-increasing taxes they must pay to the government, but that very few people ever mention the far higher interest payments they make to the banks?

I suppose that if governments were as adept at public relations work as the banks are, we could even get to like paying taxes.

Some people quit working or don’t work overtime because they wrongly feel that paying the taxes for that makes that work unprofitable.  The reality of that is that as long as one pays taxes he is making it worth-while for him to go to work.

On the other hand, few people will quit working because they must make interest payments to the banks.  I suppose that is because the possession of personal things (that are in reality owned by the banks for the duration of the loans the banks provided for them) is deemed to be more important than to enjoy the goods and services provided through the government out of our tax contributions — goods and services that we ostensibly own and get to share equitably.


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