Another religion : Feminism threatens Christianity

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To the Roman Catholic Church in the U.K.

I am, in fact, convinced, that what feminism promotes in its radical form is no longer the Christianity that we know; it is another religion.

— Pope Benedict XVI
speaking (as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) on radical feminism.
Excerpt from ‘The Ratzinger Report’ (Ignatius Press)

Pope Benedict XVI sees radical feminism as another religion, as a serious threat to Christianity.

Pope Benedict XVI

The preceding quote is from

This resource website on catholic feminism has been created in response to a series of articles titled “The Feminist Threat to the Church” by Patricia Phillips, published in the monthly journal Christian Order. It has been produced and funded by an inter-diocesan group of Catholics, who are not affiliated to, or funded by, any organisation/journal. The adverse effect that radical feminism is having on the Church in the UK – and indeed across the world – is a matter of deep concern to many Catholics. There is also grave concern regarding the failure of the bishops even to acknowledge there is a problem, let alone address it….(Full Story)

Another religion, Feminism, or the Old-Time Religion? What about bringing back the family?

Roman Catholicism is by far not as old as is the institution of the family or even feminism.

The civilization that evolved out of its symbiotic relationship with the family essentially created the Old-Time Religion.  Feminism is as old as humanity and never did much for either family or religion.

Perhaps by focusing on our families we will do more for the Old-Time Religion than will worrying that feminism is another religion that is a threat to Christianity.  Once we have strong families, the support of the Roman Catholic Church and the opposition to feminism will come about all by themselves.

Feminism and churches are incompatible.  That is perhaps the major reason why men stay away in droves from Christian churches.

The strongest force seeking to destroy traditional religions is feminism. Radical feminists have little use for religion or churches as they are, but they do not leave the churches whose doctrines and liturgies they find objectionable. They work within to change the churches so that the final product will bear little resemblance to Christianity.

— Robert H. Bork
in Slouching Towards Gomorrah, p. 287

For more quotes from Robert H. Bork’s Slouching Towards Gomorrah (1996, Reagan Books), on the acrimonious relationship between Christianity and feminism, as well as the invasion of churches and their subversion from within, see Church vs. Men.  There is another article that looks at those circumstances from a similar perspective,  Catholic Feminism, but gives is a wider focus over time.

This article, “Feminism and families are as old as civilization” (October 27, 2007), discusses some of the history and impact of feminism.

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