Rachel Marsden, stalker of the week

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Once a liar, always a liar

Rachel Marsden, stalker of the week, the Canadian radical-feminist “journalist” who made it into American journalism (recently escorted out of Fox TV), in spite of (or perhaps on account of) her long record of false allegations of having been date-raped or stalked by figures of authority made it into the news again — well, sort of.

Canada’s National Post reported (Dec. 20, 2007) on Rachel Marsden’s latest allegation of having been stalked by an individual official in a long series of such allegations against a number of individuals throughout much of Rachel Marsden’s last 15 years or so of her life.

Going by the descriptions of various incidents in which Rachel Marsden embroiled herself and her victims, those incidents appear to serve no other purpose than to promote Rachel Marsden through her own reports of her sexually explicit conduct that seems to have the appearance of her taking her clothes off in bedrooms, hotel rooms, motel rooms and other compromising circumstances in the presence of men whom she wishes to use in public controversies in whom she falsely alleges to have been date-raped or stalked, even though she turned out to be the real stalker in every single case.

Rachel Marsden must be getting a bit long in the tooth, and surely the attractiveness of her “assets” must have become a bit dilapidated by now. Nevertheless, she continues to gather items of her version of the journalistic truth by luring officials into compromising situations, or at least she alleges that she does.

She has seriously harmed the careers of a number of men over the years and appears to be a career-risk of the first order. It seems that it would be a wise thing for any man to stay away from her as far as possible, but that appears to be impossible for the men she targets for false allegations of date rape and stalking as the means by which to gain notoriety.

Why not? It appears to be panning out for Rachel Marsden. Pardon the pun, but the conclusion is unavoidable, it pays for some women to use what they sit on — in whatever fashion — for a gold mine.

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Most telling of the circumstances of Rachel Marsden making a career out of false allegations of date-rape and stalking is this entry at politically-correct Wikipedia:

Rachel Marsden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

See also: Simon Fraser University 1997 harassment controversy and SFU criminology professor Neil Boyd both complained that Marsden was stalking them.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Marsden – 44k – Cached (2018 07 21, link is broken) – Similar pagesNote this

The actual entry at Wikipedia provides no such information, and the entry is closed to further editing. However, as of now the original Wikipedia entry is still accessible in a cached version through Google.com:

Rachel Marsden (Wikipedia; as of 2018 07 21 the link was broken)

Rachel Marsden, stalker of the week, oh feminism, what hast thou wrought?!



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