A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year, to all friends and visitors to Dads & Things and its related website Fathers for Life.

In the last few weeks I responded to very few of the about 300 e-mail messages a day received by Fathers for Life.  I still try to read all of those messages, but I had to forgo writing responses, so as to find much-needed time for completing a few neglected house-keeping chores for Fathers for Life:

  • A little over a hundred web pages at Fathers for Life still needed to be converted to the standard web-page design that was first introduced in the beginning of 2005.  A good portion of those pages has now been updated.  I hope that over the holiday period I can update the remaining pages that need to be upgraded.
  • During the last year it became increasingly apparent that the Table of Content pages for all of the subjects accessible through the index for those ToC pages deteriorated.  Those pages have been repaired and were replaced.  All ToC pages for the 35 major subjects or topics of interest discussed at Fathers for Life are once more fully functional.  I hope that from now on I can keep the ToC pages fully functional at all times.
  • A site-specific search feature provided by Google.com has been installed and is accessible at all web pages at Fathers for Life that conform with the required standard format for the website.  The search entry field is at the upper right-hand corner of those web pages.  That search feature provides lists of search returns for Fathers for Life and for Dads & Things.  It makes navigating through Fathers for Life and through Dads & Things a lot more convenient and makes finding specific information much easier.

By the way, sometime around the new year, Fathers for Life will have its 5-millionth visitor.

Ruth and I are doing well and hope that you can say the same about yourself.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our life.  Every journey should have a goal and should begin with the first step into the right direction.  When setting a direction, one should not confuse the possession of goods with the good life.

All the best,

Walter and Ruth Schneider

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