Who’s the Worst Nanny of 2007?

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The Center for Consumer Freedom is handing out its annual Nanny Awards, and we want you to vote for the worst food cop of 2007.

The competition is fierce.  Vying for the title: Overzealous state legislators pushing bans on common food ingredients; health officials prohibiting full-grown adults from eating dessert; prominent food activists caught in acts of rank hypocrisy; and animal-rights fanatics using the force of law to make food companies conform to their radical anti-meat dogmas.

Click here for a full list of this year’s nominees. Some top contenders:

  • Meme Roth, “Real Cops Need to Arrest Food Cop” Award — This self-appointed obesity activist crammed a whole lot of crazy into the past year. She called out the Keebler Elves, Girl Scouts, and even Santa Claus as obesity culprits. Roth had to be physically restrained from vandalizing a YMCA snack table. And when asked on The Daily Show if “eating a cupcake is the same as putting a gun in your mouth,” she agreed.
  • Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook, “Dumped Dogs Tell No Tales” AwardPeople for the ‘Ethical’ Treatment of Animals (PETA) employees Hinkle and Cook admitted in court to picking up healthy dogs and cats from North Carolina-area shelters, killing the animals in the back of their PETA-owned van, and tossing the bodies into nearby dumpsters.
  • Putnam County Office for the Aging, “86-ing Octogenarians” Food Choices Award – Health officials in this small New York county tried to take donuts from the elderly. To protest the ban on donated baked goods at local retirement centers, senior citizens wore signs to remind officials that they’re “86, not 8”.«

See the rest of the nominees and vote for the worst at NannyAwards.com.

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