Anti-male Hate Propaganda: Courtesy Alberta Government

Dear William,

Thanks for the pointer to the web page with the Anti-male Hate Propaganda: Courtesy Alberta Government.

I can’t even copy or print the web page as it is, except for taking a photograph of it….

William, please click on the RSS feed button at if you wish to be informed of when that photo and the related comment are being posted.

If you wish for the government to stop its continual anti-male hate propaganda campaign, you need to do more than just write to the minister.  The minister and her staff are man-haters.  Only public pressure will get her and her staff to change their ways.

Write to your local MLA and to the media about this.  In addition, continue what you have been doing, keep writing to your friends about this and any other instances of government-sponsored anti-male hate propaganda.

Last but not least, do not vote progressive conservative anymore, and urge your family members and friends to do likewise.  Do not forget to send to your MLA copies of any messages relating to such things. You can find MLA contact information here.  That is the only sure-fire way to get rid of government-sponsored and taxpayer-funded hate propaganda.

Remember: Men pay 70 percent of all taxes, and women receive 70 percent of all benefits paid out of tax revenues.


Walter Schneider

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