The Three Stages of a Man’s Life

Updated 2019 02 14

The Three Stages of a Man’s Life
PG-Rated — Pictures requiring no words.

I am in the process of verifying links and fixing those that need to be fixed.

There is a curious thing about that effort.  I cannot escape the impression that the allegedly immutable Internet Archive fails to keep archival copies of files, but the deletions appear to be biased.  Things that show men in a bad light are more likely to be kept archived than things that do the same with women.  Similarly, conservative news appear less likely to remain in the Internet Archive than things of a liberal bent.

So, to be on the safe side with the important lesson to be learned from the three photos that I once thought not to be fit for consumption by people of a tender age, I changed my mind. 

If any kids happen to see the images and happen to be innocent, they won’t know what they mean, and no harm will be done.  If they understand the images then they already know the lesson to be learned from them, and no harm will be done by reminding them what will be in store for them if they happen to make the wrong choices.

Here goes:

The Three Stages in a Man’s Life

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