Samurai sword-wielding woman wounds two

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Samurai sword-wielding woman wounds two — Annual ‘White Ribbon’ blame-men campaign kicks off early this year? Guys named ‘Bill’ join with Liberals to call for national sword registry?

Not all kidding aside, surely the woman must have launched and pursued her sword attack for no other reason than self-defence.

Samurai sword-wielding woman wounds two
CTV News, Updated Mon. Dec. 3 2007 7:00 AM ET
The Canadian Press
MILTON, Ont. — A woman is in hospital with unspecified injuries after wounding her boyfriend and an off-duty firefighter in Milton, Ont., with a Samurai sword.
…her boyfriend…was treated in hospital for non-life-threatening wounds to his shoulder, arm and the side of his head…the woman went to a gas station across the street and smashed windows with the sword…an off-duty firefighter was slashed across the arm by the sword when he tried to keep the woman away from gas station employees…He was treated for a deep cut…No names have been released. (Full Story)

Of course no names were released, not even the woman’s. After all, is she not innocent?


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