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Remembrance Day 2007

Fathers for Life Walter Schneider Tomorrow we celebrate Remembrance Day in Canada and in other countries of the Commonwealth, a day to remember those who died fighting for home and country, or, as the case may be, for King and country or, as needed, for the motherland (e. g.: Russia) or for the fatherland (e. g.: Germany). Yes, even in Germany there is such a thing as Remembrance Day. It was declared as an official day of celebration in 1816, by order of the Prussian King Frederic William III. He designated the last Sunday preceding the first Advent to be a day of remembrance of those who deceased during the … Continue reading

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Canadian father deported to Australia over spat with girlfriend

Update 2019 02 15: Added links to related articles. Canadian father deported to Australia over spat with girlfriend — The case of Tavis Lamprell, the father who got deported from Canada to Australia (and you thought they didn’t do that anymore) for arguing with his girlfriend, is not the first such case of deportation from Canada. Fortunately, Tavis Lamprell’s case did have a good ending: Judge overturns deportation slip-up A Canadian permanent resident who was wrongfully deported to Australia almost two years ago because of a government agency’s slip-up in processing his file can legally return to Canada and reunite with his daughter. More… That is not always so, when … Continue reading

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