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The following is an excerpt from “Feminism – Terms defined

Many of the terms used by feminists [and that men’s studies try to come to terms with] come straight from communist dialectics, and many of the slogans and ideas promoted by women’s studies lecturers are being quoted almost verbatim, and in many cases are exact quotes, from communist text books.

The major cause for the overwhelming public interest in women’s issues is the feminist doctrine of women’s victimhood. The imbalance in attention given to women’s issues existed for at least the last 200 years of modern history, but it received an enormous boost through the activities of the radical feminist activists that made their appearance in the mid-1960s.

Men’s rights will not be given an amount of public concerns equal to that given to women’s issues until at the very least an equal amount of concern is given to men’s studies as is given to women’s studies.

The following statistics compiled from search results using illustrate how far the feminist ideology has spread and overwhelms academic thinking, the media and all of society:

Search Returns
Date Women’s
2006 08 28 24,100,000 602,000 340,000 686
2006 09 14 11,500,000 398,000 330,000 636
2007 03 24 2,770,000 296,000 269,000 594
2007 04 11 2,570,000 275,000 261,000 1,110
2007 07 14 2,160,000 465,000 238,000 1,060
2007 08 13 7,580,000 675,000 239,000 1,080
2007 10 09 6,030,000 409,000 68,200 919
2007 11 25 2,300,000 388,000 77,000 69
2018 07 16 4,610,000 153,000 307,000 97

Table updated 2018 07 16

An encouraging trend reflected in the statistics shown above is that the interest in women’s studies is on the decline and fell by 90 percent during the 2006-2007 interval. That is in spite of the ease with which someone sufficiently interested can become a certified feminist. Check this course outline at the website of the Women’s Studies Program at the Northern Illinois University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (note that you could also learn how to cook like a feminist, although it is not quite obvious from the list of courses offered whether three hours of instruction in FCNS 406, Global Food and Nutrition Issues will provide the necessary skills to be able to operate a kitchen stove or to make a cup of coffee):

The Women’s Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic program housed in Northern Illinois University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Any undergraduate student in the university may earn a minor in Women’s Studies by taking 3 core courses and 3 additional courses selected from related electives offered for credit towards a minor (18 hours total). The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences also offers students the opportunity to construct an individualized major in Women’s Studies (B.A. or B.S.). At the graduate, master’s and doctoral level, students may earn a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, which requires two core courses and two approved graduate-level elective courses (12 hours total).

Find out more about us: About our Program

On the other hand, the interest in men’s studies has not seen a comparable increase in attention given. Moreover, when one examines the search returns for men’s studies programs it appears that those programs are permeated with a strong pro-homosexual bias by new-age men (a product of ongoing feminist indoctrination). It appears hardly possible that pro-homosexual activists acting on behalf of a population sector that comprises no more than about two percent of the adult male population will either have the interest or the necessary influence to revert the systematic deconstruction of the traditional nuclear family and the vital role of the father in it. However, there is a far more disturbing aspect of the lack of men’s studies programs. Many of those programs on offer are being run by anti-male feminists (of the male and the female variety).

An anti-male campus?

Nearly every large college campus and many smaller ones have a Women’s Studies department. There are over five hundred women’s studies departments and over one hundred colleges that offer a degree program in women’s studies. There is not a single degree program or department in men’s studies in the U.S. It is difficult to get exact numbers, but it appears that there are fewer than a dozen classes labeled men’s studies being offered in colleges anywhere. Some that are labeled men’s studies are in fact anti-male. Kenyon College, for example, has a Men’s Studies program that in the words of one professor is in opposition to, “The white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied, Christian, middle-class norm.” (Source: Mysterious Decline-Where Are the Men on Campus?” April 29, 2003, by Philip W. Cook and Glenn Sacks;

Far more than enough resources are being used up to assist the feminists in their search for problems befitting the solutions they devised. No wonder men are being made the scapegoats for every imaginable social ill. As the statistics in the preceding table show, men don’t talk back much. After all, scapegoats don’t talk….(Full Story)
Update 2018 07 16

It seems to be a losing battle, but give it enough time…

Men's Studies vs. Women's Studies - Relative interest from 2004 to 2018

Men’s Studies vs. Women’s Studies
Relative interest from 2004 to 2018


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