Bonding and arresting of judges

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Joe (not his real name), about your comment on the bonding and arresting of judges and their collaborators.

It won’t work.

Aside from the fact that we always get the government we deserve (the politically-correct “majority” in power wants exactly that sort of government), it won’t work because that has already been tried a number of times. Just to mention a few of those times:

  1. The evolution of laws in Ancient Sparta that favoured women and brutally indentured, oppressed and exploited men, and that in the end brought about the demise of Sparta. (Link)

  2. The assassination (that is what it was) of Socrates by the sophists of Ancient Greece and by its lawyers and politicians.

    There is an excellent essay that illustrates such a parallel, the demise of ancient Greece that followed within about a hundred years after the Cult of Apollo deliberately began to teach sophistry to the young men of Athens, for no other reasons than to destroy the superior Greek culture from within. Socrates opposed sophistry as a state- or cultural aim. On account of that he was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens, and he was made to execute himself by drinking the poisoned cup.
    Read the following:

    From Plato’s Theaetetus to Gauss’ Pentagramma Mirificum: A Fight for Truth
    , by Bruce Director
    Socrates was the last to oppose sophistry for a long time before anyone dared to do that again. Sophistry was victorious then (as political correctness and relativism are today). The rest is history. Aristotelian “logic”* ruled for more than a thousand years, causing cultural evolution  to stagnate, and causing much death, poverty and other suffering in the process. History repeats itself. This time the outcome will be similar; now only the scale of the social catastrophe differs. (*Aristotle was not a sophist, but sophists love to pick and choose from Aristotle’s explanations of logical arguments, thereby giving themselves the appearance of wisdom and their assertions, which are nevertheless false, the appearance of being true. See “On Sophistical Refutations,” by Aristotle)
    »»» (More at The depopulation crisis is real)

  3. The fall of the Roman Empire for the same reasons that are causing the West to collapse now: Excessive taxation, corruption of government and the courts, low birth rates and the immigration of “Barbarians”. The result of that one was a dark age that lasted for about a thousand years.

  4. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 that produced the English Bill of Rights (1689) from which important portions of the American Constitution were copied. I. e.: You ought to compare the passage that declares the right to bear arms. (Link)

  5. The banishment (under pain of death) of all lawyers from Canada under Louis XIV. The French colonies were lawyer-free for about 150 years. (I forgot the exact time and length of the interval and don’t want to look it up right now)

  6. The American War of Independence was fought for the very same reasons that motivate you to call for bonding and arrests and that were some of the major reasons for the demise of governments before: corruption, taxation…, whether those governments fell through revolution or under their own low productivity and excessive weight.

    That war gave some freedom, but not a heck of a lot of it and most definitely not for very long. That freedom didn’t last any longer than it did in England after the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

  7. The French Revolution. The freedom ostensibly brought by that never really came about, aside from transferring wealth from the nobility and from the Church to the state (at the cost of the lives of a lot of the French nobility, and of the lives of anyone else who didn’t toe the party line).

    That ended in totalitarianism and Napoleon. Napoleon attempted and almost succeeded to give all of  Europe a new code of law, the Code Napoleon. The Code Napoleon is still very much in existence in much of Europe and in Quebec, and so are the lawyers that feed and grow on it.

  8. The Bolshevik revolution. That brought no freedom at all, only totalitarianism; until that ended and collapsed under its own weight (but the lawyers are still around). However, the lawyers in the USSR were a big part of it all. For one thing, they created the first system of People’s Courts under a modern totalitarian regime.

  9. Hitler’s rise to power, which brought “freedom” for workers, industry and capitalists, and an industrial/military complex under the rule of a dictator.

    That “freedom” was gained in order to bring order into the freedom of the Weimar Republic (born in 1917, at the same time as the Bolshevik revolution, died in 1933 when Hitler came to power). The interesting aspect of that is that the Weimar Republic was a model for the new world order. It had brought corruption of the economy and corruption of moral standards that caused people to clamor for Hitler to bring order into the morass. The government of the Weimar Republic was on a national level what the UN – the government of the new world order – is now on a global level.
    Mind you, just as in the USSR with the communist party, so in Germany. Hitler would never have gotten into power if it would not have been for women voters. A lot of them swooned when they came close to him, to within a few hundred feet (even within only a few feet of the newsreel screens or the loudspeakers of their radios). But even at that, Hitler did not get the majority of the votes he required (in our totalitarian times that is no longer true for the regimes to hold on to their power). He did the rest through stealth, cunning and brutality.
    David described some of the tactics that were used against him. There are others who experienced the same. The scale of the torture isn’t yet as big as it got under Hitler, but Hitler started on a small scale, too. There are now about 800 cases on record in the US where torture was used to extort from men confessions of guilt, men who are guilty of nothing more than being fathers or husbands (see: Totalitarianism, Terror, Torture and Corruption in America).
    As soon as Hitler got into power, he allowed the German judiciary to construct a parallel system of justice, the People’s Courts. Today’s equivalents are the family courts and human rights tribunals. You in the US haven’t got human rights tribunals yet but they will surely come, too; and in the U.K. they are just coming into existence (in Germany as well) – persecution of “hate crimes” is the first step. Don’t ever forget that judges are first and foremost social engineers, but that they are lawyers, too.
    It took a lot of nations and their efforts to bring Hitler down, but what did that get anyone? Today’s totalitarianism in the “free West” is just about as bad as it was under Hitler, and a lot more lives are being systematically exterminated each year.
    Aside from all of those 45 million to 55 million children killed in the womb each year, close to 40 million people died in military conflicts since the UN brought us eternal peace and Paradise on Earth in 1946. The second world war caused 60 million people to die and far fewer children in the womb to be killed.

Now we come to your feeble efforts for bringing order, freedom and democracy by attempting to put an end to the corruption of the courts through force (whose force, who is strong enough?).

Why do you want to bother? That has been tried in vain a few times already during the last few years. It always ended the same way: the objectors were crushed, incarcerated, tortured, even killed. Whether killed or not, they were defamed. Remember Ruby Ridge, the Freemen – who tried to do and did exactly what you advocate – and Waco?

I could list at least another fifty such instances in history, but there is little point in that. Maybe the endless repetition of the cycle of democracy, corruption, totalitarianism and demise into chaos at many levels of details is part of the human condition. It certainly had much to do with the repetitive rise and fall of civilizations. They generally come about with some regularity and then last from about 800 to about 1200 years. The  important thing to remember is that for virtually all of the time in the evolution and history of civilization it was totalitarianism and corruption that ruled.

Freedom and democracy hardly ever grew into more than a gleam in anyone’s eyes.

Perhaps that is why history is no longer being taught under the new world order. To deny the facts of history, to deny history itself, and to substitute social studies for the teaching of history is a totalitarian tactic. Social studies are a tool for indoctrination through focusing on a few selected warts and blemishes of history used to vilify a selected sector of the population (in our case that sector is the men). It is part of totalitarianism.

Who needs to rewrite history (read “1984” – by George Orwell) as it happened in Nazi Germany and in the USSR when it is so much more efficient to ignore history, to ignore what history teaches us, and to abrogate even the teaching of history as a subject in our schools?

Look at yourself. You already forgot the lessons of Ruby Ridge, of the Freemen and of Waco. Maybe you feel that you can safely forget those lessons, but you cannot forget that our police forces are equipped for urban warfare – and that is for a very good reason.

At any rate,

It is a characteristic of any decaying civilization that the great masses of the people are unaware of the tragedy. Humanity in a crisis is generally insensitive to the gravity of the times in which it lives. Men do not want to believe their own times are wicked, partly because they have no standard outside of themselves by which to measure their times. If there is no fixed concept of justice, how shall men know it is violated? Only those who live by faith really know what is happening in the world; the great masses without faith are unconscious of the destructive processes going on, because they have lost the vision of the heights from which they have fallen.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

We are falling. Few cry out in pain, because the fall isn’t yet hurting the masses that are still falling. Our fall hasn’t yet come to its end, and even religion – a sector of history – is now being prohibited and stymied, eradicated more thoroughly than it was during the French and the Bolshevik revolutions. Religions are history, they are not social studies. The history we get to learn is the one written and published by those in power.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton


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  1. Why women vote the way they do

    The main entry states:

    ….Hitler would never have gotten into power if it would not have been for women voters. A lot of them swooned when they came close to him, to within a few hundred feet (even within only a few feet of the newsreel screens or the loudspeakers of their radios). But even at that, Hitler did not get the majority of the votes he required (in our totalitarian times that is no longer true for the regimes to hold on to their power). He did the rest through stealth, cunning and brutality.

    Keep in mind that it had been a mere 14 years since women had gained the right to vote when they helped vote Hitler into power in 1933.

    But how can it be that women vote with their feelings and not with their brains?

    Maybe this will shed a bit more light on the riddle. I had come across it before and noticed it again just now.

    Clearly, just because a man is highly popular with women does not indicate he is virtuous; if anything, it suggests that he likely isn’t.

    The Russian ultra-nationalist and all-around Bad Boy Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the world’s last best hope for starting World War III, said “At a sexually active age, women vote for me. And women in – what do you call it, menopause? Women in menopause vote for Yeltsin” (Newsweek, June 17, 1996, p. 27). Surely the “gender gap” benefiting Zhirinovsky is not due to him espousing any pro-feminist position: his platform is explicitly anti-semitic, and advocates Russia invading its neighboring Moslem countries.

    For an extreme, even morbid, example of Bad-Boy-lust, read the astonishing Love Letters to Hitler (New York Times, May 25, 1995, p. A6). “My beloved Fuhrer,” they begin, or “My darling sugar-sweet Adolf,” “Dear Adi,” etc.

    Does anyone still want to maintain that a politician’s ability to infatuate female voters is necessarily a sign of his personal integrity, or of promoting wise policies? Clearly it is not. Rather, it seems that a virile but misbehaving man, an attractive rogue, will be able to sway womens’ emotions far more readily than mens’. Perhaps this is what the Founding Fathers feared when they restricted the vote to men.

    Quoted from Bill Clinton and the “Gender Gap”, by Robert Sheaffer

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