Diverging demographic trends

A great and valuable article:

How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Radical Islam
By Fjordman

12 November 2007

….Fjordman is a noted Norwegian blogger who has written for many conservative web sites. He used to have his own Fjordman Blog in the past, but it is no longer active.


The preceding reference is to a fairly long article published in Global Politician. The article is required reading.

It is remarkable that the sentiments and observations relating to population and family politics in the West that the article by Fjordman presents appear like a fairly accurate summary of the themes presented at Fathers for Life.

However, Fjordman’s article contains one misperception that must be corrected.

Barbara Boyle Torrey and Nicholas Eberstadt write about a significant divergence in fertility between Canada and the U.S.: “The levels of Canadian and American long-term trends in age of first marriage, first births, and common-law unions are consistent with the divergence in total fertility rates in the two countries. But the divergence in none of these proximate variables is large enough to explain the much larger divergence in fertility.” “Changing values in the U.S. and Canada may be contributing to the fertility divergence. The stronger notional role of men in U.S. families and the greater religiosity of Americans are positively associated with fertility, and the latter is also a strong predictor of negative attitudes toward abortion. Women in Canada enter common-law unions more often, wait longer than American women to marry, and have children later and less often.”

The significant divergence exists on a national (where it masks its true causes) but not at a detailed demographical level. Moreover, the divergence is between the US and all developed nations, not just the ones in the West, and not just Canada.

The main reason for the national divergence in the US is not, as the quoted excerpt speculates, due to the “stronger notional role of men in U.S. families and the greater religiosity of Americans are positively associated with fertility, and the latter is also a strong predictor of negative attitudes toward abortion.”

The Caucasian population sector in the US experiences the very same deadly decline in total fertility rates experienced in all other developed nations, especially in those that prosper and are more culturally and racially homogeneous than the US is. The deadly decline in total fertility rates of Blacks in the US is even worse than that in the Caucasian population sector in the US.

However, the Hispanic population sector is the major influence on national fertility trends in the US. Hispanics’ fecund birth rates compensate for the deadly decline of total fertility rates in the Caucasian and Black population sectors in the US.

It is therefore not traditional American moral standards that contribute to the US holding its own with respect to maintaining population levels. It is the massive replacement of the declining population in American traditional population sectors with legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America that does so.

Moreover, per capita, the abortion rate in the US differs little from that of other developed nations. For instance, for every Canadian resident there are ten US residents, and for every Canadian abortion there are ten abortions in the US (roughly 120,000 per year in Canada vs. about 1.2 million each year in the US). Of course, nationally, the number of live births per capita exceeds the number of abortions to a far greater extent in the US than it does in other developed nations. On a per capita basis, US abortion rates are as high as those in Canada and in other developed nations. However, the high birthrate of Hispanic residents and immigrants in the US more than compensates for the relatively high abortion rates in the US that prevent 1.2 million much-needed children each year from being allowed to live and to continue the social and moral traditions of their parents.

Perhaps the moral and social traditions of those dead children’s parents are not worth perpetuating, it is just as well that they are not being perpetuated. That is a manifestation of the fact that birth control by choice and through killing is an evolutionary dead-end. To foist the culture of death and infertility on the American population and on the populations in other developed nations does nothing other than create a demographic vacuum that is being invaded by foreign populations and foreign cultural values.

That is what the article by Fjordman more than adequately illustrates, except for indicating that the US is an exception. It would be more accurate to state that the rate of population replacement through foreign cultures is the same in the US, in France, in the Scandinavian countries and in all developed nations, but that the invading culture that dominates all other growing foreign influences in the US is Mexican, not Islam; but even that may only be a matter of time.

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