The War on Women (book) is a hoax

The War on Women makes misleading comparisons of the plight of the sexes.

Excerpt from The War on Women:

Compare the raw numbers. In the same seven-year period when 4,588 U.S. soldiers and police officers were killed by hostiles or by accident, more than 8,000 women – nearly twice as many – were shot, stabbed, strangled, or beaten to death by the intimate males in their lives. In Canada, compared to the 101 Canadian soldiers and police officers killed, more than 500 women – nearly five times as many – met the same fate….

Original article (Toronto Star, Nov. 3, 2007)

It is a common and cheap propaganda trick by feminists to make such comparisons, in successful efforts to draw attention to “women’s plight”.

In my mind, but not in the mind of many readers of the article, it is obvious that the comparison of women’s plight to men’s suffering in all of the wars is wrong, for as long as the “war on women” is compared to other causes of fatalities that are completely incompatible and even incomparable. If there must be a concern over “the war on women”, then let’s compare its consequences to the consequences of “the war on men”.

The whole feminist argument vanishes as soon as one makes the correct comparison, that of comparing the plight of women with that of the plight of men. When that is done, a totally different picture – the true one – is immediately apparent.

Women live on average (in the whole world) five more years than men do, 10 to 12 more years in the member countries of the former communist bloc, 7 more years in socialistic Canada, and 6 more years in the not yet so socialistic USA.

There is no biological reason at all for that large and still growing gender gap in the life expectancies of the sexes. The reason for men dying sooner than women do is simply the consequence of society’s “war on men”. However, for anyone, including feminists, it is wrong to make use of hyperbole like that. The phrase “war on men” is wrong and the phrase “discrimination against men” must be substituted.

When it comes to the respective sexes losing their lives in the real wars that are being fought right now, the Toronto Star article already fails to make any comparison at all. There is a very good reason for that. The proportions of men and women dying in combat always differed. Let’s face it, there are three major reasons for that. Firstly, men are expendable and women need to be protected. Secondly, no woman in her right mind will want to be equal to men to the extent that she is as likely to die as men. Thirdly, no man in his right mind will let any woman expose herself to risks such as those he must take.

Not all that long ago, virtually no women died in combat. Combat fatalities were comprised almost exclusively of men (e. g.: 58,169 American servicemen and 8 American servicewomen died in Vietnam). That has changed now, but true equality between the sexes in the area of combat in war is far from being reached and probably will never come about. The latest figures I saw on that indicate that less than one woman died in combat for every ten men who did so.

But let’s go one step farther into an area where affirmative hiring of women has made greater inroads into equality of the sexes. All feminist assertions to the contrary, even though virtually equal numbers of men and women work in the service professions (police, protective services, guards, firefighting ) in the US, in the years from 1992 through 2001, 262 women and 4,774 men had fatal occupational injuries (details).

Annual Fatal Job Injuries by Sex (USA) not reflected in impact of gender disparity in FI report on Economic Freedom of the World

Annual Fatal Job Injuries by Sex (USA)

That is a ratio of one woman for every 18.2 men, not too different from the average of men’s and women’s respective fatalities in the general job market, where the ratio is one female fatality for slightly less than every 19 male fatalities.

Most interestingly, those ratios have seen no change for as long as statistics were kept. There is absolutely no indication of any change at all, even though one would expect one, especially when having been indoctrinated by feminist propaganda that women are stepping up to the plate throughout most of one’s life.

Now let’s look at murder victims. The proportions differ a little from country to country but have remained virtually unchanged over the years. For example, in the US, for every woman who got murdered there were about 5.8 men who met their demise in that fashion.

The conclusion: “The War on Women” is another feminist hoax. The truth is that anti-male discrimination is extensive and seriously deadly for men, by far not so much for women.



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