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Research with a gender lens

It could be Research with a gender lens or Research with a gender lens. The difference depends on one’s perspective and into which direction one wishes to rationalize. Chicago Sun Times Research with a ‘gender lens’ NORTHWESTERN | New institute will study women’s health November 26, 2007 BY JIM RITTER Health Reporter/ (Full Article) The headline of Jim Ritter’s article should have read Research with a gender lens. That is because research that is done through a gender lens is an oxymoron. It is not objective. It is of necessity biased and therefore possesses all of the aspects that puts advocacy research outside of the realm of objective and truthful scientific … Continue reading

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Men’s studies

The following is an excerpt from “Feminism – Terms defined“ Many of the terms used by feminists [and that men’s studies try to come to terms with] come straight from communist dialectics, and many of the slogans and ideas promoted by women’s studies lecturers are being quoted almost verbatim, and in many cases are exact quotes, from communist text books. The major cause for the overwhelming public interest in women’s issues is the feminist doctrine of women’s victimhood. The imbalance in attention given to women’s issues existed for at least the last 200 years of modern history, but it received an enormous boost through the activities of the radical feminist … Continue reading

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Bonding and arresting of judges

Last update 2019 02 15: Added links to related articles. Joe (not his real name), about your comment on the bonding and arresting of judges and their collaborators. It won’t work. Aside from the fact that we always get the government we deserve (the politically-correct “majority” in power wants exactly that sort of government), it won’t work because that has already been tried a number of times. Just to mention a few of those times: The evolution of laws in Ancient Sparta that favoured women and brutally indentured, oppressed and exploited men, and that in the end brought about the demise of Sparta. (Link) The assassination (that is what it was) … Continue reading

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Gender pay gap myths and Elections 2008

Updated 2019 05 14, to add links to related articles. The Washington Times, 2007 11 18 FORUM: Gender pay gap myths and Elections 2008 Gender pay gap myths — A headline by Reuters on Nov. 7 was startling and certainly newsworthy: “Female U.S. corporate directors out-earn men: study.” Yet, one full week later there was no newspaper coverage of this politically incorrect report, though the study was based on 25,000 corporate directors at 3,200 companies with female directors being an 8-to-1 minority. The Reuters report stands in stark contrast to the politically correct – but empirically incorrect – Associated Press story that blanketed the nation on April 23, 2007. The … Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation Family Facts

Heritage Foundation Family Facts deserves a thumbs-up. It establishes easy accessibility to vital information on families.  It makes finding such information compiled by the Heritage Foundation much, much easier than was formerly the case.  The categories of the various facts published by the Heritage Foundation are accessible through the HF-FF Archive.  The link to that is well worth book-marking. (2018 07 22: That link is broken.  This is a working link to an archived copy of the index page.) The Heritage Foundation’s catalogs social science findings on the family, society and religion gleaned from peer-reviewed journals, books and government surveys. Serving policymakers, journalists, scholars and the general public, … Continue reading

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Entitlements and Rights vs. Names and Titles

Update 2018 09 20: Inserted link to video by Jordan Peterson, Ph.D. The distinction between entitlements and rights vs. names and titles is clear, but not to all or even many people. entitlement 1 a : the state or condition of being entitled 1 b : a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract 2 : a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group; also : funds supporting or distributed by such a program entitle; entitled; entitling 1 : to give a title to : designated 2 : to furnish with proper grounds [e. g.: the right —WHS] for seeking or claiming something The preceding … Continue reading

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Injunction against Illinois’ silence law for schools

An Injunction against Illinois’ silence law for schools follows the passing of a law for schools, earlier this year, by the Illinois General Assembly, to enforce a moment of silence to be observed in classrooms at the beginning of the school day, right before the pledge of allegiance. As to be expected, someone launched a complaint; an atheist’s daughter, who is a student at an Illinois school. It didn’t take long for a federal district court judge to issue an Injunction against Illinois’ silence law, an injunction that prohibits the exercise of the Illinois state law for the observation of the moment of silence. The preliminary injunction is thereby not … Continue reading

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Diverging demographic trends

A great and valuable article: How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Radical Islam By Fjordman 12 November 2007 ….Fjordman is a noted Norwegian blogger who has written for many conservative web sites. He used to have his own Fjordman Blog in the past, but it is no longer active. The preceding reference is to a fairly long article published in Global Politician. The article is required reading. It is remarkable that the sentiments and observations relating to population and family politics in the West that the article by Fjordman presents appear like a fairly accurate summary of the themes presented at Fathers for Life. However, … Continue reading

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A case of paternity fraud

The following is a response to a complaint about a case of paternity fraud in the US. The names and locations have been altered to protect the victims of the fraud. The man who wrote the original complaint is experiencing the whole gamut of the weapons of the divorce industry: Paternity fraud; Child abduction and move-away by the mother (involving an eight-hour trip – one way – by the father if he wishes to see the child whom he has come to see as his own); False allegations of domestic violence, to keep the alleged fathers at bay and away; The defrauded man duped into paternity; The mother of the … Continue reading

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The War on Women (book) is a hoax

The War on Women makes misleading comparisons of the plight of the sexes. Excerpt from The War on Women: Compare the raw numbers. In the same seven-year period when 4,588 U.S. soldiers and police officers were killed by hostiles or by accident, more than 8,000 women – nearly twice as many – were shot, stabbed, strangled, or beaten to death by the intimate males in their lives. In Canada, compared to the 101 Canadian soldiers and police officers killed, more than 500 women – nearly five times as many – met the same fate…. Original article (Toronto Star, Nov. 3, 2007) It is a common and cheap propaganda trick by … Continue reading

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