Parent Trap, on Dr. Phil — Why not Father Trap?

This is the TV show you’ve been waiting for, Parent Trap, on Dr. Phil.

Of course, there is a bit of a problem right off the bat with that show, because it is called “Parent Trap”, not “Father Trap”. However, that does not matter much, because paternity fraud is now on the map, and soon you will perhaps even see it on Oprah.

Ruth called me to watch the show, and I only got to see a portion of it, but that doesn’t matter.

I saw Carnell Smith, a falsely alleged father – of four children I believe, with three of the four children not being his – who got defrauded and who, in spite it being known all around that he was not the father of those children, still was being forced to pay for them, who sued and won. Mind you, I doubt that he got much out of it, although his lawyer surely did.

I saw Marc Angelucci, who testified that 30 percent of the Association of American Blood Banks’ more than 300,000 annual DNA test for paternity find negative for paternity by the alleged fathers.

I saw a defrauded father and his wife (Enrique and Mia), whom the judicial child-support extortion racket raked over the coals for a daughter that isn’t theirs.

I saw the fanatical feminist (Gloria Allred, America’s most prominent feminist attorney and president of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund (WERLDEF)) who raved on about the feminist doctrine that paternity fraud is a good thing because it is all about the children, and that any man who pays for them will do, because he is the right one as long as he pays. The audience’s sympathies just weren’t with her. They laughed her out of the house, but she stayed on anyway and kept on talking and interrupting anyone whose turn it was to speak. I guess she is not used to using courtesy and stops talking only if she hears a judge’s hammer hit the desk. She appeared to be deranged and without reason.

Note to Gloria: Feminist “law” can be imposed (you, women like you, and the judges and politicians who support and promote your agenda proved that) but it does not create justice – and the way you dressed up on the show made you look not a year younger than the 66 years that wear you down. Chuck the red jacket; it doesn’t become you. The original communists from whom you got your agenda never wore red. Chuck the red jacket.

I saw and heard Dr. Phil state outright that the child with whom the alleged father was being extorted and defrauded is a fraud victim, too, because she never gets to know the biological father whom she has a right to know. It would be a good thing to remind Dr. Phil or Oprah of that (the Dr. Phil Show is one of HARPO’s productions, owned by Oprah Winfrey, that is), the next time either one has a show covering alleged deadbeat dads who don’t get to see their children.

The jig is up, the truth slipped out, and the feminists and feminist judges stand there like dummies with egg all over their faces, just as feminist Gloria Allred did today on the Dr. Phil show.

As most people in their right mind know, there is only one sex in the victims group who are further victimized by being forced to pay and to hand over the money to reward the women who are the perpetrators of paternity fraud.

These men and often their second wives as well are not only paying for the upkeep and raising of a child that is clearly a cuckoo and has absolutely no blood relation to either one of them, but they must pay the money to the cuckoo who laid the egg in their nest.

There is more. The feminists say that the child is all that matters, because the child is being brought up by the “father” whom she or he got to know as the father. The feminists say that, and feminist judges say it as well. They say it often, in spite of the paying fathers not being able to see the child he is paying for, because that child lives with the child’s biological mother and with the biological father who moved in back together (after the mother successfully and with the help of feminist judges managed to get another man, any man, not necessarily any man the offending mother ever met, to pay child support), with the child not even being able to see the “father” who pays the child support.

But there is still more, and I cannot list it all here. Just one more important thing. Mothers who commit paternity fraud can pick (and they have picked on a large number of occasions) the name of a man whom they allege is the father of their child right out of the phone book, and those men still must pay the money that is being extorted from them.

Interestingly, the courts and the child-support-enforcement agencies have no way to find those “fathers” when the court hearings take place in which those men are condemned to pay for the children that are not theirs. On the other hand, when those “fathers'” paycheques are garnished, the judicial powers and the powers of the child-maintenance enforcement system have absolutely no problem with finding them. By then it is too late for those men, and they cannot extricate themselves anymore, unless they have a hundred, two-hundred or more thousands of dollars to spare to hand over to the lawyers (and don’t forget, judges are almost without exception lawyers too).

Those men quite likely will never get to see the children whom they did not father and whom they never even knew existed. Yes, men had been vasectomized for years, since long before a given child that they are being forced to pay for was conceived and never once saw the child whom they were alleged to have caused to be conceived, and they still must pay, and the feminists and the feminist judges still insist that they are the only fathers the poor children ever knew and became accustomed to, and that all of that is in the interest of the child.

You can access good, detailed and exhaustive information on the Dr. Phil show: Parent Trap,

Perhaps more importantly for any of you who like to express their opinions in writing, you can post a message about paternity fraud and the show, the Parent Trap, at Dr. Phil’s message board.

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