Men too are domestic violence victims

Men, too, are domestic violence victims.  This is a video you should watch:

Men Also Suffer from Domestic Violence Monday, 22 Oct 2007, FOX2 Detroit

The video is good and provides objective statistics, but it has a major flaw, just as does the following article.

Both, the video and the article equate domestic violence victims with victims of partner violence, although many feminists equate it solely to women only being domestic violence victims. We know that women are slightly more often violent than men are, but the video doesn’t stress that and the article to some extent denies it. Aside from that, and most importantly, the discussion of domestic violence also must address violence against children in families.  That children comprise the largest sector of domestic violence victims, and that the vast majority of violence against children in families is being perpetrated by women has not yet received the required attention in the media.

Utahns hope to make domestic violence ‘intolerable’

Researchers voice concern over rise in assaults by females

By Rebecca Palmer
Deseret Morning News

Published: Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007 12:23 a.m. MDT,5143,695222626,00.html

Quoted from the article:

University of Utah scientist and social worker Moises Prospero says the issue of women acting as domestic violence perpetrators has thrown a curve-ball to advocates in the past five or 10 years.

There is no question that women are now acting violently at greater rates than they used to, but lead researchers are debating whether the women are defending themselves or picking the fights, Prospero said.

As yet, there is no consensus, but researchers are beginning to learn that women perpetrate psychological abuse at least as often as men do and are more likely to use weapons when committing acts of physical violence, Prospero said.

As yet, there is no consensus, but researchers are beginning to learn that women perpetrate psychological abuse at least as often as men do and are more likely to use weapons when committing acts of physical violence, Prospero said….

Yeah, sure. It’s a curve ball ever since anyone cared to look, which hasn’t been all that long, and no one in the mainstream media ever asked whether a man reacts in self-defence or picked a fight.

However, as usual, the article equates domestic violence to partner violence, and the largest single group of domestic violence victims, children, is being totally ignored. In that group of victims, biological mothers commit, or participate in, just about exactly 70 percent of serious (requiring medical attention) or fatal child abuse. That doesn’t mean that biological fathers are the perpetrators of the other thirty percent. What it does mean is that biological fathers are a relatively small proportion of the remaining 30 percent of all perpetrators.

The problem with statistics relating to the perpetrators of violence against children is that, once the data collection has been massaged by feminists and feminist sympathizers (after which the general public then gets to see it), it is virtually impossible to sort out the biological fathers from “fathers”. “Fathers” could be any man in the life of a women, but it is known that by far most violence against children occurs in families from whom the biological fathers were expunged.

Other than that, the 30 percent of the remaining perpetrators of violence against children includes not only biological fathers but all other relatives, friends, acquaintances and anyone else in a woman’s life who is not the biological mother of an abused child. That is a fact that feminist sociologists, activists and statisticians (the boundaries between those categories of feminists are very blurry) love to obfuscate and to forget about.

At any rate, it appears that the truth about violent women (except for their violence against children) is slowly and increasingly being leaked and recognized. As of now that is not being reflected to any marked extent in the availability of funding for shelters for battered men and their children.

The fact of women being more likely to use weapons has been known and published for decades by responsible, creditable and objective social researchers. That’s nothing new, but poison, pillows, knives, guns, frying pans, baseball bats, boiling water or boiling food, etc., all make for great equalizers to compensate for women’s lower average strength. If you doubt that, just check the variety of “weapons” used by the women mentioned in the article.

As to the fact that the article mentions “reports” and “charges” has little relationship as to who actually started a given fracas. All we know is that on average men are more likely than women to be charged, and that men are less likely to report being attacked or to lay charges.

Police reports are not reliable sources of domestic violence data. They reflect the bias of gender politics, especially that which is inherent in the police forces. The police operate under a very strong anti-male bias.

No self-respecting social researcher bases his studies of domestic violence victims on police reports.


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