Propaganda promotes world population reduction by 80%

This commentary is about the pervasiveness of propaganda, how it is being used to bring about the death of humanity and to get us to like what is being done to us, to bring about world population reduction by 80 percent.

When I was a kid, I could sleep at any time but was hardly ever allowed to do so during the day, unless I was sick. I had to go to bed every night at nine.  That was easy in those days, because there was no television to keep me up. Hitler’s or Goebbels’ speeches on the all-pervasive people’s receivers, the mass-produced, cheap radios (able to receive in general only the local radio station) that the Hitler regime had made sure were in every household (to enable his regime to indoctrinate the masses), were not all that appealing to me to have me want to stay up after bedtime.

Propaganda: Chaos is Victory

My parents didn’t let me listen to those speeches anyway. Contrary to prescribed custom, in those years our radio was not on all the time, although my Dad always listened to the news when he could, and, as the war neared its end, the news got worse all the time if you listened between the thick coating of propaganda that persistently insisted that the Hitler regime was winning the war.

Propaganda poster - "Wheels must roll for victory"

Propaganda poster – “Wheels must roll for victory”

I could never understand how that could be. More than 80 percent of my home town (Duesseldorf) and its neighbouring cities (Duisburg, Essen, Wuppertal, Cologne, and Neuss – across the Rhine from Duesseldorf) that each could easily be reached in less then a half-hour train ride or in a streetcar-ride of an hour or less were in rubble and ashes, plain to see for as long as the streetcars and the trains were still running and the bridges weren’t blown up yet.

The point of that observation was driven home by the fact that our family’s seven children were dispersed throughout Europe and Germany. The oldest brother made at times daily flights to England, and he mostly walked towards the end of the war, because there were few airplanes left, and, anyway, no fuel left to fly them with.

The second-oldest brother was off to conquer Russia and managed to escape the fate of being captured and killed as a POW by the Russians.

Propaganda did not measure up to reality,

Propaganda did not measure up to reality, but the message, “Wheels must roll for victory,” was still the same.

The third-oldest brother, Hans, became at age 14 a helper at an anti-aircraft-gun battery. He never managed to protect the nearby city of Krefeld (that city was put to rubble and ashes, too, as all German cities were). He volunteered for the Air Force, was trained as a pilot but never put into action as one. He was stationed on the Island of Ruegen (home of the V2 rocket), and then, because the fuel shortage made him useless as a flyer, he and his whole company got transferred to the Army.  They marched down Italy, back up Italy, got captured and became POWs of the Americans near Venice.  My brother escaped from a box car of a POW train that was to take him and other POWs to France, to work in the coal mines.

That was shortly after the war, just after Hans had celebrated his eighteenth birthday. But throughout all of the last few months of the war the radio kept insisting that Germany was winning the war.

My three sisters had been moved to rural locations in Bavaria. My Dad insisted that towards the end of the war, when we had taken to making nightly visits and stays in our basement on account of the air raids, when bombs fell and exploded so close to our home that they caused pieces of concrete to fall off the ceiling in the basement, that my two youngest sisters and I had to come back home, so that, if we died, we would die together, and that if we survived, we would survive together. The radio still insisted that Germany would be victorious. But I think now that Dad had not necessarily been focused on our survival as he had been on our deaths, as he didn’t want any of us to wind up being marched off into Russian concentration camps or worse.

While we had taken refuge in our basement and lived there continuously during the last six weeks of the war, to be relatively safe during the shelling from across the River, and to avoid being killed by fighter planes that shot at anything and everything that moved and was visible to them, and when as many people got killed in Duesseldorf as had been during all of the prior air raids, the radio intensified its insistence: Germany was winning the war.

Demographics of death of the German people, death by war

Not so much a population “pyramid” but a snapshot of a population ravaged by wars

The radio insisted that Germany was winning right up to the time when the SS shot and killed someone on our main street (the Koelner Landstrasse, in the suburb of Wersten) while we could hear the American tanks roll in that arrived a few minutes later. But when those tanks came, and when reality set in, and when the nightmare stood still but did not go away, I was sorry that Germany was the loser. I was then three weeks short of my ninth birthday and from becoming a “pimpf” in the Hitler Youth (the equivalent of a cub in the Boy Scouts) and was, for all intents and purposes, emotionally a Nazi.

In spite of having been protected by my parents from all of the propaganda they could protect me from, they had not been able to protect me from the propaganda I became subjected to in school and in the world outside of our family. If anyone would have asked me to join the Army at age ten (as all boys aged 14 had been), I would eagerly have joined, to die for the Fatherland.

Propaganda is all-pervasive in the curriculum

But I didn’t like Hitler, and didn’t like any of the party members and officials I had come into contact with. Partially that was due to the influence of my parents, and partially it was due to the failed attempt of my teacher (Fraulein Krapot) in Grade II to send my buddy to the concentration camp (“fortunately”, his mother and he — his father already was in camp — had committed suicide the night before I came in the morning to pick him up for school).

Unless you critically examine your children’s text books, you have no idea how much propaganda children are being subjected to in school. That is even true today, and any parent who does not critically examine all of the text books used by his children is neglecting his duty.

My parents could not confiscate my text books, though even the arithmetic primer I used in Grade I was pervaded with propaganda (the Americans did the removal for them, after the war was over, when all school text books that had been published during the Nazi Regime were confiscated and pulped), and neither can any parent today in any practical way.

Propaganda pervades the curriculum now

While my parents would have been sent to the camps for confiscating my text books, and I would have become a ward of the State, today’s parents are little better off. If they were to confiscate their children’s text books, or even if they were to home-school them, the all-powerful state would insist that they were to indoctrinate their children with the State’s curriculum. If today’s parents were to teach their children only what the parents know to be true, they would run afoul of the law and experience the full power of the State. Resistance would be futile and ultimately and invariably result in financial ruin of the parents, and their children quite likely become wards of the State.

Incredibly, that is today most likely to happen in the former Nazi Germany.

The power of propaganda is enormous, more so now than ever. Propaganda is no longer an art, it is now a sophisticated science used as an all-pervasive and all-powerful tool in very forceful ways for the indoctrination of the masses, beginning with our children in school, even in Kindergarten (“Mommy, today I learned that a man can become a woman, and that a woman can become a man.”).

Propaganda prevails, no matter what, no matter that the ideologies that drive it change over time, no matter that totalitarian fascism, dictatorial communism or the new world order and the destruction of our families and even of human lives in unimaginable numbers is being crammed down our throats. Propaganda prevails, permeates our lives and makes us into obedient nebbish, especially our young, our children.

Escape from inundation by propaganda

There are alternatives that can alleviate the aims of propaganda and its deadly consequences. My parents made me read books, and, perhaps on account of that, I always was a voracious reader.

There are books today that are not part of the curriculum and that even counter it, and, unlike during the Nazi regime — when the publishing, possessing and reading of such books was prohibited and punished, so far it is still permitted to have and to read books like that, except in Germany, where the possession of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, from which so many things can be learned about what we must not do to wind up in a regime like the one he imposed, is now being punished by imprisonment.

Nevertheless, the publishing of books is governed and censured even today. Many politically-incorrect books will not be put into print or, if printed and published, those books will be removed from the bookstores (e. g.: UK feminists organized a campaign by which copies of Prone to Violence, by Erin Pizzey, were stolen from bookshelves, which bankrupted the publisher). That is on account of not only the power of the State but also on account of the pressure and oppression exercised by special interest groups.

However, now there are information channels in addition to those that were available to the Nazis: Television, Talk Radio, the Internet, its YouTube, Google, and a proliferation of social network applications that are all heavily censored.

Television is being controlled and censored by the State and by special interest groups. Television therefore now greatly intensifies the influence of propaganda, and anyone who still believes that television presents the truth, all of the truth and nothing but the truth has another thing coming and will eventually experience a rude awakening.

Talk Radio is a powerful means of getting useful information. Interestingly, popular Talk Radio programs appear to present information that is of primary interest to conservatives. One has to be careful to pick and choose, because much of the information presented on Talk Radio is nevertheless to varying extents politically-correct, and some of it ludicrous or plainly kooky.

However, there is the Internet, and, once one cuts out all of that sex, porn and other garbage, the Internet is an enormously powerful and effective means of accessing good information. It is like the most massive library on Earth, and it has an enormously powerful and effective index system, so that important information can easily and speedily be found.  Still, there are now ever more effective ways by which the powers and the prevailing ideology ensure that even that powerful indexing system becomes geared to give preference to the finding of politically-correct information.

Pointers to hard-to-find information

I got going with this by telling how much I liked to sleep. There is a point in that, and I should come to it.

I no longer sleep much. I sleep on average about four to five hours a night (with the odd snooze during the day on some days when I absolutely must and can find the time). That has been the case ever since my sleeping pattern abruptly changed during the breakup of the family I had until Thanksgiving Day of 1975. So, now I get a chance to listen to Talk Radio instead of sleeping. The station of my choice has a website at

Not being able to sleep and not having to drive to work anymore gives me a lot of time to read, study and write. On account of having experienced the breakup of my family, I became interested in examining the causes of that and of the breakup of millions of other families. There has to be something in the way of propaganda behind that, I thought. Nothing so obviously destructive to people, communities, nations and all of civilization could come out of the blue.

I searched, looked and found “the implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family,” upon which much of the message presented at the website of Fathers for Life focuses (mentioned or discussed in 24 pages at F4L). The driving force behind that is the implementation of the unimaginably sinister agenda for reducing the world population.

For years I added to what I found on that. The header of this commentary is “World population reduction by 80%”. The reason for that is that when I listened last night to Coast to Coast AM, they had a program on exactly that issue. The program ran for two hours. I managed to listen to only the first half hour of it, but I was amazed to hear from the guest, filmmaker and activist Alex Jones, a long list of atrocious items that exactly matched the items of concern to me in relation to the agenda for the reduction of the world population to the numbers that existed at the time of Christopher Columbus.

Anyone can find information about those items that should be of great concern to anyone who has not yet been blinded by State-sponsored propaganda having pulled the wool over their eyes. The issue involved is so massive, so challenging to the imagination, so all-pervasive and so deadly to people and to all of humanity, so destructive to what we thought were our civil rights and liberties, that it quite literally boggles the mind.

All of us are to varying extents concerned about the consequences of the deteriorating quality of our lives and about the deterioration of the environment. Still, even though mutual respect and love were largely replaced with hatred, greed and lust, and even though we no longer care to propagate our very successful cultural heritage or even ourselves in numbers sufficient to even maintain our population levels, because the culture of death removed our will to live, we do now live much longer than we used to just a hundred years ago. We live longer, without much hope of ever achieving the Paradise on Earth that the new prophets promise us. Just as Hitler’s promises of victory never materialized but still kept getting made and resulted in much of Europe being in rubble and ashes, the promises of Paradise on Earth give us increasing chaos and disorder that is being perceived by ever-increasing numbers of people to be Hell on Earth, a hell they wish to escape from. If we now were truly happy, suicide rates would not have escalated to the levels they did. Happy and satisfied people do not commit suicide.

Many of the visitors to F4L are people concerned about the deterioration of families and family life, about separation and divorce, but listen.

Of what use is it to worry about the consequences of actions if the actions are permitted to continue anyway?  If we wish to do something effective about problems and their consequences, then there is only one effective way to deal with them: the root-causes of the problems must be ripped out and eradicated. Before you decide what to do about the consequences of a problem, you must understand what the problem is that brings about the things you wish to fix, but not only that, you must first realize and accept that there is a problem.

The exact sources of the information backing up the two collections of information on the program for population control promoted through our governments and the UN that are shown below may not match and probably overlap (I didn’t yet have the time to check that), but if two and many more parties arrived at virtually identical conclusions, then they can’t all be wrong. For Heaven’s sake, check them out and do something to prevent what the real powers in the world want to do to us.

I wrote above about propaganda. You may think that what is contained in the following is propaganda as well, but it isn’t. It contains so much information from authentic official sources (including references to the sources), that the conclusion is unavoidable. It is the truth.

If you don’t like the conclusions that are presented in the two collections, read the source material and draw your own conclusions, but don’t forget one thing.

Familiarity breeds contempt and ignorance. Just as other people my age and I had been subjected to propaganda of the fascist sort all of our lives to age ten and older and became indoctrinated, so you have become indoctrinated through propaganda. You have been brainwashed. Cut through that, go to the source of the information on population control and draw whatever conclusions you must draw. You still have some free will, I hope.



Operation: Endgame

Filmmaker and activist Alex Jones discussed his newest film, Endgame, about what he says is one of the biggest unreported stories in history– the “global elite’s” plan to reduce the world’s population by 80%. Full recap to follow.

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The announcement by Coast to Coast AM, of Endgame, states that there is a secret plan for world-population control and reduction. There is no doubt in my mind that the plan is no secret. The information is there and readily accessible. It is being censored and not being reported at all in the mainstream media, but it is being frequently reported in the conservative media. Most importantly, it is being reported on the Internet, and its sources are still accessible there. It is no wonder that the powers in force want to censor the Internet, too.

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—Weaned from Nazism, re-educated to consumerism, then to being liberal, and then, finally, liberated on my own and by myself from the influences of virtually all propaganda, to become a devout conservative (some people insist libertarian). There is a saying about that:

Anyone who hasn’t become a conservative by the time he is in his mid-forties is a liberal who never smartened up.

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