Grandma’s Apron – Update

Grandma’s Apron is a little story about what grandmas do with their aprons. It is a piece of feminist propaganda (stolen and much plagiarized, to boot) that has been circulating on the Internet for some years and was delivered at the Lamont County Seniors Fair in 2005, as part of a presentation on the necessity for humour. To put it into context and to balance the story, I augmented the story of Grandma’s Apron and posted it at Fathers for Life. The web page has been visited 120 times during the last 30 days (average length of visitation: six minutes, enough time to read all of the article).

Today (2007 10 19) I added the following to that web page:
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Epilog 2007: Ruth and I visited two more Lamont County Seniors Fairs since the one in Andrew. The one in 2006 in the Town of Lamont still featured a blatantly discriminatory and insulting presentation by the Red-Hatters, a women-only organization run by aged feminists that promotes consumerism by women (partying, travelling, whooping it up in hotels, eating out, etc., splurging by women but all of it without men, at least without their husbands) “just for the fun of it”. The presenter specifically stated that the Red-Hatters cater to women only and adamantly refuse membership to all and any men.
When Ruth and I signed the guest book, I gave a copy of my augmented version of “Grandma’s Apron to the women of the county staff that had been the organizers of the seniors fair, while we also told them that feminist propaganda at such fairs is insulting to men present and especially insulting to the memory of men who cannot attend any longer.

This year the County’s seniors fair was held in the Town of Mundare. It was a relief to the very small minority of men present at the fair not to have to listen to a single presentation containing even a trace of feminist propaganda. That was even though a good number of women with red hats attended; true, a minority of the women who attended wore those red hats, but they by far outnumbered the minuscule minority of elderly men who were still alive and could attend.

God willing, Ruth and I will see at next year’s seniors fair whether that many red hats prevail. Regardless, for any man or for any woman who respects men to see a Red Hatter flaunt her in-the-face-of-men “femininity” at a seniors fair is like being spit in the face.

This requires a comment about the vast majority of dignified women at such functions, women who do not flaunt red hats. One of those is Sophie Baidak, in her 80s, active all of her life in the service of others – women or men – helping and aiding seniors, especially those whose health is failing. She is a familiar sight in Lamont County, with her always being involved in pushing around some senior’s wheel chair.
Sophie does not wear a red hat, but she most definitely enjoys her life without one, does not feel that she needs to make up for lost time and always has a joyful smile for anyone whom she knows and even for strangers.
Yes, Sophie is a grandmother and great-grandmother who not only wears no red hat but who never once even flaunted her apron.
Even though recently she began to propel a wheelchair of her own now and then, Sophie still smiles and laughs. “Sophie: many, many thanks!” and many thanks to the majority of all women; women like Sophie and like the author of the original poem “Grandma’s Apron“, Tina Trivett.


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