The Australian Grambo : Rape debunked

Dear Klara,

As to the Australian Grambo, stories like that hurt not only all men but all of us; all the more so because such urban myths are so persistent.  Even though that false story originated in February 2000, more than seven years later it still circulates through the Internet.

Sorry, but the story you forwarded is false! Not only that, but even though you suggested that she should be deported to Canada to help us out here, we don’t really need the Australian Grambo.

According to feminist propaganda, even “consensual marital sex is rape,”and “all men are potential rapists” (true, but so are all women, and that fact is never, ever mentioned by feminists). That is not funny, but that sort of propaganda is what makes the false story you had forwarded so appealing to so many.

Just because someone, man or women, is potentially a rapist does not make him or her a rapist.  The likelihood that he or she is or will be a rapist is very, very small.

From Snopes:

Origins: Sorry, but this February 2000 e-mail is a fanciful tale of imagined revenge and nothing more — searches of Australian news archives fail to turn up news stories featuring any of the people named in the account, reports about the shootings of the rapists, or the rape that supposedly sparked the retribution. Those living in the area also fail to recall seeing anything about this on the nightly news.

Moreover, in March 2000, an Australian newspaper referred to the already Internet-speeded story as “a good urban myth.”

Regrettably, Grambo exists only in our hearts and inboxes. We cherish her anyway….

As regrettable and as deplorable a crime as rape is, it is even far more regrettable that far too many people (even the people at Snopes) are sufficiently gullible and fall victim to rape-propaganda stories. Rape propaganda exaggerates the number of incidents of rapes by a factor of a hundred and more; while in truth rape is a relatively rare crime.

If you wish to read up on some of the facts on rape statistics (and especially facts on rape-propaganda), rather than on feminist-inspired urban myths, have a look at some of the stories and articles accessible through this
Internet search on rape statistics at Fathers for Life
(a total of 212 pages [as of 2018 07 23], some of which will surely not only be interesting but surprising).

Although the indicated web pages contain that information or links to it, some of the links to pages accessible through that search do not lead directly to information on rape statistics. In those cases, use your browser’s “find in this page” command for the word “rape”.

Is it not much more important to debunk rape propaganda than it it is to promote it in whatever fashion?

Nevertheless, and on a lighter note, when women didn’t yet wear pants, there were far fewer rapes. After all, a woman with her skirts up can run a hell of a lot faster than a man can with his pants down.

However, false rape accusations are as old as the scriptures and probably much older than that. Did you read the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife? There once was a time when we all learned it in school.  Joseph spent a lot of time in the Pharaoh’s jail on account of that false rape accusation. Even though he was eventually released and rose to power in Egypt, he was never exonerated from his alleged crime and eventually died, still being officially a “rapist”.

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