Why I don’t take feminists seriously, by Mike Adams

Update 2018 07 24: To check and update links, and to add links to related articles

In 2006, Mike S. Adams, at Townhall.com, wrote a series of articles under the title “Why I don’t take feminists seriously”.

The article series addresses a fair portion of the full scope of feminism (feminist Marxism, feminist humour, feminist sexuality, feminist masturbation, feminist racism, feminists on abortions, feminist logic, feminist men (e g.: husbands or boyfriends of feminist women), and much more). You need to read the series. Here are the links (2018 07 24: original links were broken and have been replaced with links to archived versions of articles):

Part IV of the series contains a link to an article on a Grinnell masturbation Workshop sponsored by the Feminist Action Coalition.

When I followed that link to Grinnell’s website, I got to a page at Grinnell telling me:

Note: The Article entitled “How To Love Your Body” has been removed due to it being used without permission, an infringement of copyright. If you would like the article, please contact the webmaster

Mike Adams noted in one of the articles in his series that the feminists butcher the English language (that is also true of other languages). So it is in that simple statement at Grinnell College: Individuals may and can be “entitled”, but the article cannot be and never was entitled to anything.

Moreover, as is customary with so many other things asserted by feminists, Grinnell’s assertion that the article of interest has been removed is not entirely true. Here is the link to a web page with the archived article:

How to love your body: An S&B reporter observes Tuesday night’s masturbation workshop, sponsored by Feminist Action Coalition,” by Lola Garcia, Scarlett & Black, Volume 120, Number 05, October 3, 2003.


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  1. KellyMac says:

    Thank you for posting this article and the links. Mike Adams so articulately says the things I’ve been wanting to say. I copied the whole thing and pasted it at antimisandry.com.

    You have a great site here. I’m glad I found it 🙂

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