Sweden: politically-correct vs. -incorrect dads rights

Ulf Andersson wrote:

As the founder of and spokesman for PappaRättsGruppen (a Father Rights Group, http://www.dads-r.us.org) I supported one of my members and fellow fathers at a manifesto/demonstration outside the lower court of Växjö last Friday.

In the newspaper Växjöbladet-Kronobergaren with only 3 000 subscribers (published in 30,000 copies on Friday, August 31st) you could read that a spokesperson for the foundation Pappa-Barn (Daddy-Child, http://www.pappa-barn.se) thinks that PappaRättsGruppen [Ulf Andersson’s organization – F4L] tends to focus on the dads – not on the children.

“I get scared when I enter their website, they are pure woman haters,” says Kim Möller, spokesperson for Pappa-Barn.

Kim is not impressed by PappaRättsGruppen and say that even the mothers should be able to join the struggle [by disfranchised fathers for child access and custody – F4L] and that every father group should invite women from women shelters to work together for equal rights in custody cases.

Maybe no one across the Atlantic heard about what happened in Sweden:

A mom with two boys was given a secret address by women working at a women’s shelter.  The mom claimed that the father of the boys had molested them.

That was was an obvious lie, as the court proved when when it sent the mom to jail for 10 months.

The dad now has the residency for his boys.

The three co-accused women at the woman shelter were acquitted by the Court of Eksjö:

“Women working at women’s shelters don´t have to check the truth behind the mothers’ stories.”

[The irony of that decision is that usually it is women like those at the Swedish women’s shelter who advice women like the sentenced mom to make such horrendous accusations as part of recommended divorce strategies. –F4L]

According to Mr. Möller from Pappa-Barn, we dads have to co-operate with women like those?!

My question to Mr. Möller is: “What´s your malfunction, numbnut? Didn’t your mommie rock you hard enough?”

The text in the newspaper continues:

Like his role models in Fathers 4 Justice in the UK, Ulf Andersson has taken Batman to his heart. This means that he has appeared in Batman clothing at several demonstrations in Växjö.

The outrageous behaviour above together with statements from PappaRättsGruppen such as “we men are considered to be sperm machines by the Swedish Court System,” makes Kim Möller frown. “You don´t gain anything by fighting extreme situations with extreme methods,” Kim Möller from the foundation Pappa-Barn points out.

The interview with Kim Möller was made on the phone by Mr. Michael Östlund, reporter at Växjöbladet-Kronobergaren.

Written by Ulf Andersson,
founder and spokesman of PappaRättsGruppen (The Father Rights Group)

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  1. Joakim


    Ulf Andersson is an amazing person how helped me through a hard time. Thanks to him i’m still alive and still fighting for my right as a dad

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