Swedish fathers rights groups slug it out

Swedish fathers rights groups Daddy-Child (Pappa-Barn) and “PappaRättsGruppen” disagree.

News from Sweden

The foundation Daddy-Child (Pappa-Barn) says that The Father Rights Group “PappaRättsGruppen” is extremist.

Last Friday, The Father Rights Group from Växjö proclaimed a manifesto outside the lower court of Växjö. They had plaques stating that they are “sperm machines”.

  • You can´t fight extremists with extreme methods, says Kim Möller, co-ordinater for south of Sweden in the foundation Pappa-Barn (Daddy-Child).

I get scared when I visit their homepage.  Their way to success is to co-operate with women’s shelters.

PappaRättsGruppen tend to focus on dads and not on children, says Kim.

The statements above will be published in the newspaper Växjöbladet-Kronobergaren (VK) – printed in 30,000 copies on Friday. The paper is only published on Fridays.

Please, for the sake of God – anyone at all, comment on the territorial pissing contests by Swedish “father groups”!

All the best,

Ulf Andersson,
Founder of and Spokesman for PappaRättsGruppen

It is too bad, but – not only in Sweden – fathers rights group often have problems finding common ground, while their differences in opinions become the focus of their attention.

Unfortunately, neither the men’s movement nor fathers rights organizations had the advantage provided to feminist organizations provided by feminist ideology being a unifying doctrine taught at universities.

Some men’s rights and fathers rights organizations simply bought into feminist ideology (women good, men bad), hoping they could ride to success, while others vehemently disagree but can’t quite bring themselves to turn Marxist feminism on its head and claim that the matriarchy is the source of all evil.

It is a tough row to hoe.  Men’s rights and fathers rights organizations don’t seem to be able to find their way out of that dilemma.  They have trouble agreeing even on a common enemy.

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