Elkhart County murder suicide – Reaction

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Reaction to Elkhart County murder suicide — Two young girls in Elkhart County said goodbye Tuesday to their mother and father.

Police say their mother, 33 year-old Karla Fernandez, was shot and killed by their father, 31 year-old Omar Fernandez, who later shot himself in the head….(Full Story)
Notice that the story is by the YWCA and that the views of the fathers are not mentioned, namely: “Newscenter 16 had a chance to talk to some of Karla’s friends both on the scene and over the phone.” Objective reporting would have included the results of talking to some of Omar’s friends, right? 

The articles states:

“Neighbors tell us the two girls, ages nine and four, were in the house at the time of the shooting and ran outside asking an adult to call 9-1-1.

Newscenter 16 had a chance to talk to some of Karla’s friends both on the scene and over the phone.

They describe Karla as a caring, confident, charismatic person.

It was no secret the couple had some problems, but they never imagined an ending like this.”

That is it.  There is nothing that indicates that Omar had not been “a caring, confident, charismatic person.”  The rest is all about raising compassion and sympathy for the victim and the survivors, padded with opinions by neighbours that essentially do not relate to the circumstances of the murder-suicide.

The article contains nothing about the circumstances that culminated in death, nothing about what it may have been that drove Omar Fernandez to do the deed, not even anything about what will happen to the two young daughters of the deceased couple.

The reader of such an article can take away from it whatever moral he wants, but there is nothing in the article that provides any advice on what the couple could or should have done to prevent their relationship from turning deadly. 

The article does not even state how often similar circumstances turn deadly.  Such cases are very rare.  Homicide by abortion, for example, happens thousands of times more often than spousal murder-suicide.

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