Ceremonial knives — instruments designed for killing

Ceremonial knives — instruments designed for killing, deserve more attention.  They are vastly underrated as tools used for homicide and need to be put into perspective.

The Associated Press, Posted August 29, 2007

Wausau-area man used ceremonial knife to kill wife, self

WAUSAU — A 31-year-old man fatally stabbed his 25-year-old wife and hours later killed himself with a 12-inch ceremonial knife as he fled from a sheriff’s deputy, police said today. (Full Story That link is broken, but here is a working link to another version of the article.)

Ceremonial knives are frequently mentioned in stories of mayhem and murder. An Internet search for “ceremonial knife” produces 895,000 results. The search results appear to primarily relate to the promotion of sales of a variety of ceremonial knives.  In comparison, an Internet search for “hand gun” produces ten million results.

Just as hand guns, ceremonial knives are designed for killing.  One must wonder why no one ever clamored to have permits issued for ceremonial knives.  Can it be assumed that, given that efforts to sell ceremonial knives are only about one-tenth as frequent as are efforts to sell handguns, whether the former are – individually – as deadly as handguns?

Crime statistics relating to causes of deaths are not sufficiently detailed to provide any insights as to the relative deadliness of handguns vs. ceremonial knives.  Ceremonial knives are more reliable in using them to kill.  They never misfire.

In 2012, in the United States, knives and cutting instruments played a role in bringing about the demise of 1,589 homicide victims, compared to 8,855 deaths caused by firearms, of which 6,371 were caused by handguns. More….

Without a doubt, there are vastly more knives and cutting instruments in the U.S. than there are firearms.  Although ceremonial knives accounted for an undetermined number of homicide victims, it is probably safe to assume that the fraction of homicide victims that had their lives terminated by means of ceremonial knives was possibly quite small.  That is perhaps a matter of definitions, not so much of what constitutes a ceremonial knife, as what constitutes a homicide victim.

Close to a million abortions are being performed in the U.S. each year.  Although abortion was once-upon-a-time considered to be a murderous act, it no longer is considered to be murder.  However, it still is homicidal.

A homicide is the killing of one person by another.  Murder, the illegal killing of a person, falls into the category of homicide, but so does the legal taking of a life, such as in the execution of a criminal or in the legal taking of a life through an abortion.

Ceremonial knives: Abortion Instruments

Ceremonial Knives: Abortion Instruments

There is no doubt that a substantial portion of abortion instruments are especially designed for cutting.  Therefore, it can be argued that knives or other cutting instruments are used vastly more often in homicides than are handguns or any other firearms.  Cutting instruments used in the ritual of abortion can be classified as ceremonial knives.


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