A father’s staggering loss

Chicago Tribune, 27 August 2007

A father’s staggering loss — Two weeks after his children and wife were killed in a Naperville fire, Anand Tiwari exists somewhere between the past, present.

By Sara Olkon, Tribune staff reporter

For Anand Tiwari, time stopped on Aug. 11.

That Saturday afternoon, police would later tell him, his wife murdered their two young children and killed herself by igniting a fire that engulfed the three in flames inside the family’s Naperville home. (Full Story)

Note by F4L: Apparently it does not happen very often that a mother kills her children and then herself.  More often it happens that the mother appears to pretend to have made a suicide attempt (usually the attempt is unsuccessful), after she killed her children.  Still, I wonder how many such stories we never hear about because they hardly ever make it into the national wire services? The circumstances of that are described in the following article:


February 28, 2000, p. 36

More deadly than the male

Media hide the fact women are far likelier to kill their children than are men

by Walter H. Schneider and Candis Mclean

A New Jersey woman who tortured and abused her 11-year-old son, and was caught on tape bragging about it, was sentenced to 10 years in prison December 17.  Tonja Chamberlain, 32, of New Egypt, forced her son, Rob, to sleep in a locked, alarmed room along with a parakeet and a pot-bellied pig.  She beat him brutally and would not allow him to go to the bathroom.  He went to school smelling of urine.  A neighbour who had previously tried unsuccessfully to alert authorities finally captured the mother on tape boasting, “I lifted his feet right up off the floor,” referring to the impact of her blows.  At another point, she talked about the colours of the bruises she was leaving on the boy.  “I was hoping for purple, but all I got was red,” she said.  Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor William Cunningham stated that Chamberlain dotes on her two daughters and loves animals but terrorized her only son.

Although the story was reported by the Associated Press (AP) wire service, it was disseminated only on its “state” wire service to New Jersey rather than on its national wire, thereby virtually ensuring it would not be picked up by the national media, and also rendering the story difficult, if not impossible, for the average person to access from the Internet.  Critics say this is the fate of many stories carried on the wire services about the brutal, often fatal, violence committed by women, and points to a society which has difficulty accepting the fact that women are capable of brutality.  Some say it also points to self-censorship by the press….Full story


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