Hatred of men

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Misandry (IPA [m?.?sæn.dri]) is the hatred of men as a sex. It is considered a type of sexism, and those holding misandric beliefs can be of either sex. Misandry is not discussed very often compared to misogyny.

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* YouTube has a large supply of videos showing, without a doubt, there is no shortage of incidents that illustrate that misandry ranks supreme, especially when it comes to wives beating their husbands.

Addendum 2018 08 02

Misandry turned to physical violence by wives against husbands

YouTube is not the only source of information relating to misandry (hatred of men) turned to violence against husbands.  Take the example of this internet search,  to show just some entries out of the first few in the list of 38,200 results that indicate extreme violence by women directed at their husbands or their husband’s girlfriends:

Results vary, depending on which search engine is used for that search.  One must wonder how the myth of female innocence ever came into existence, given that recorded instances of extreme hatred of men go back for thousands of years.

Take the story of the death of John the Baptist or the one of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, which latter, furious at Joseph for resisting her attempts to seduce him, falsely accused him of attempted rape. Hatred of men can hardly turn more violent and damaging than it did in those two cases, but – over time – there were millions of similar cases of such extreme hatred of men.  Yet, the myth of female innocence persists.


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