Mother Kills Children In Murder-Suicide

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Mother Kills Children In Murder-Suicide — That story did not make it to the front pages, and the following, archived article is the only indication in the media that the murder-suicide even happened.

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The Post Chronicle
Published: Aug 1, 2007

Mother Kills Children In Murder-Suicide

An Ohio woman going through a divorce shot her son and daughter in the heart and then turned the gun on herself, a coroner said Wednesday.
Mary Ann Wittich of Cincinnati drugged Jacob, 10, and Sydney, 7, on Monday night, Dr. O’dell Owens, the Hamilton County coroner, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. On Tuesday morning, she shot her daughter first after drawing an “X” over her heart and then her son. (Source The link is to an archived copy of the article.)

If a man would have done that, it would have made the front page, and the man would most likely no longer be around to testify or to be brought to trial, except for his trial by media.

The next story received more attention and coverage in several prominent daylies, 283 news articles in all. One has to wonder why.

Texas Mom Kills Family, Self, Police Say

The Associated Press
Wednesday, August 1, 2007; 12:11 AM

FLOWER MOUND, Texas — A stay-at-home mother in an affluent Dallas suburb fatally shot her husband and two children as they slept before killing herself, police said.
Detectives were reviewing a suicide note left in the house, where Andrea Roberts killed her husband, Michael Lewis Roberts, and children, Micayla, 11, and Dylan, 7, police said. Each had a single gunshot wound to the head…. (Full Story That link no longer functions, and the Internet Archive states, “No URL has been captured for this domain.” However, Fox News still has a copy of the article.)

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