Erin Pizzey interviewed by Dads on the Air

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May 22, 2007, Erin Pizzey interviewed by Dads on the Air


Peter van de Voorde: Are you generalising by saying that, because surely it must be just the radical feminists who are like that. You’re saying that the feminist movement as a whole…?
Erin Pizzey: …is evil?
Peter van de Voorde: is evil.
Erin Pizzey: Yes. Because the entire concept is evil. Any movement that sets out to hate as the feminist movement does… I mean even down to the woman in the street who will say, “I’m a feminist”, what does she actually mean? She means she’s derogatory about men.

(Full Transcript of Interview) From that:

   We’re going to be talking with Erin Pizzey. This is an historic moment for Dads on the Air. Erin Pizzey is a world-renowned specialist on gender issues, a world-renowned commentator. She’s written a number of books including “Scream Quietly or the Neighbours Will Hear You” and a very controversial book “Prone to Violence” which caused an enormous uproar when it was first published. She was picketed by feminists and had a huge outcry against that book. She’s also received a huge number of awards over the years and written a large number of articles on the issues that we so often talk about on this radio program, including “Domestic Violence is Not a Gender Issue”, “The Planned Destruction of the Family”, and most recently a very controversial article in the Daily Mail “How Feminists Tried to Destroy the Family.” Welcome to the show Erin Pizzey.

Erin Pizzey’s web pages at Fathers for Life.

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