Logic, language, effective men’s-rights activism

Logic, language, effective men’s rights activism are interrelated. Language is applied mathematics. The ability to use a language properly is a prerequisite to correct logical reasoning. Logic is a branch of mathematics. The word logic is rooted in Greek and means: speech, the word, reason.

Logic cannot be used correctly by anyone who does not have a full command of English or his own language, not so much with respect to correct spelling, but most definitely with respect to using correct grammar and correct sentence structure.

Habitual sloppiness in writing and speaking reflects sloppy thinking. Sloppy thinking leads to faulty logic and to wrong decisions, whether that is in computers, in the human mind or in societies in general.

Unfortunately, the importance of logic in everyday life is no longer being universally taught. The feminists (don’t forget that feminists come in both sexes) usurped the design, control, administration and operation of the education system. Their control of the education system is absolute. Their logic is flawed. The feminists have nothing but disdain for logic. They substituted feelings and “women’s way of knowing” for logic. They claim that logic is bad, that it is “patriarchal linear thinking.”

Logic, language, education

The ability to think logically is being deliberately deconstructed through teaching students bad and insufficient language skills, by letting students who have less or none of the necessary language skills pass to the next grade, and by letting even illiterate students graduate.

The feminists are doing that primarily by dumbing-down the curriculum, first and foremost by deliberately creating the lack of the ability to think logically, through teaching students inferior language skills. The feminists do not carry all of the blame for that. Liberals laid the foundation in the 1930s, when they launched the concept of child-centered learning. The feminists did nothing more than to gain absolute control of the education system, to expand on and to accelerate the damage caused by the concept of child-centered learning. Thereby the education system has become a feminist tool used in the systematic deconstruction of society.

It is a sad state of affairs that boys became the primary target of the dumbed-down education system.  The reality of our brave-new feminist world order is that, without the acquisition of proper language skills, mathematical know-how and the skill of logical thinking, the skills of the majority of students can at best only be inferior products of the curriculum.

Logic, language, social change

If we wish to have influence in the process of changing the world for the better, then we must think logically and make correct decisions. We also need to be able to convince people, so as to get them to help us.

By using correct logic, we will more likely convince others that our arguments are correct.  By demonstrating poor and sub-standard language skills, we will show insufficient interest in what concerns us, a lack of commitment, a unwillingnesss to be right. Men’s-rights activists who lead by example and use good and correct language will earn respect.

The redfems claim that women are good and men are bad, that women can do everything that men can do and do it better, Therefore, they assert, men are sub-human and – moreover – beasts with a sub-normal level of intelligence.  Let’s prove them to be wrong.  Let’s use correct language that supports accurate logic.

Granted, not everyone’s writing can reach top quality. Many people write far better than some of us who write well. However, all of us must at least try to write well and to write logically correct. If we don’t, then people will think that we have no right to complain about anything.  That is, because we don’t demonstrate that we care enough to formulate our complaints and concerns in grammatically correct language.

We will certainly fail to convince others to have confidence in us, when we use poor or bad language that is logically flawed.

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  1. paul parmenter


    Yes Walter, and it is more serious than just thinking logically. There is a very close correlation between the language we use and the way our minds work. Our language does not just come from our thoughts; it is a two-way process, and the way we frame our language can influence or even control our thoughts. George Orwell understood this which is why he posted his warnings in “1984”, for example.

    This is why we need to correct sloppy and dangerous language. Here is a case that I think illustrates the point, is very important and should be very close to home for fathers everwhere. We repeatedly hear the phrase “he got her pregnant”; but I maintain that the concept being suggested by such a phrase is an impossibility. A man simply cannot get a woman pregnant in any real sense. The only way that could be done is if he could both control her physically while depositing his sperm (entirely possible of course) but also steer his sperm through her body, against all natural obstacles, for a period of several hours until he induced it to penetrate her egg (a total impossibility). And even if he achieved this impossibility, he has no say whatsoever in whether she gets to continue the pregnancy through to term or not. The law is very careful to place that decision entirely in the hands of the woman. So her continuing pregnancy is 100% her decision and therefore 100% her responsibility.

    Hence I maintain it is much more accurate to say “she got herself pregnant using his sperm”, or maybe “having accepted his sperm, she did nothing to prevent Nature from taking its course which resulted in her pregnancy”.

    But of course our society apparently does not want more accurate phrasing in these situations, because it would focus attention on the respective levels of responsibility of the man and the woman. And we must place responsibility on the man, right? Hence the language must be controlled so as to manipulate our thoughts to accept the notion that the man is indeed responsible. “I don’t care how you describe it, but he did it!”

    Now turn your thoughts to the dramatic shifts that would have to take place in our whole approach to parenthood, reproductive rights and responsibilities, and the huge problem of fatherless children, if our society accepted the point I make above, and forced itself to think logically and accurately through the consequences. Too much for timid minds to contemplate, eh? Which is why, as a society, we run in the opposite direction and cling to the falsehood with which we seem to be more comfortable. But at whose cost?

    There is very much more here, it is a vast field. But congratulations on at least opening the door into it.

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