Letting feminist and pro-family women slug it out

Letting feminist and pro-family women slug it out, while fathers rights activists stand by.  There are probably more male than female feminists.

Bill (not his real name), a Canadian fathers’ rights activist, wrote in response to a report on a small but important chapter of the history of the Canadian fathers’ rights movement:

I am shocked. I knew none of this. But now it’s all coming together. No wonder we don’t get anywhere… I suspect the Fathers Activists currently “in the field” will have to move past this and ahead. We can’t afford to dwell on it. Even S. was involved. He is what I call a [new-age man]. And I see his magazine is now run by someone with a marked gay agenda too. I can’t move too close to that. Purely for the membership’s sake…

Right, you will be better off not to discuss that in public (few things harm the FR movement more than the frequent flame wars that some FR activists love to engage in; the redfems just love that), but don’t expect too much help from someone who often wastes people’s time by obsessing about the importance and nature of foreskins, or from someone who is obsessed with the need for equality for all seven genders — to the exclusion of true fathers’ rights, or from someone who is guided by the need to promote political correctness and censors everyone and everything that is politically incorrect.

Don’t think, though, that the local fiasco and its fundamental causes within the FR movement had or have a serious impact on the well-being of the FR movement other than in our province. Here it is difficult to “move past” the firm control by someone who is somewhat influential in academic circles, who is moreover adored by his disciples on account of his academic qualifications, and who is furthermore apparently motivated to maintain that control for no other reason than to stymie progress of the FR movement here and elsewhere as much as he can. (He does much of that by harming the reputation of true FR activists in the eyes of politicians and academics, who on account of that distance themselves from the FR movement.)

Nevertheless, the major reason for the general lack of real movement and growth of the FR movement is the all-out propaganda war against the family (the father is the weakest link in the family and therefore the easiest link to remove, thereby making possible the destruction of families in whole-sale numbers).

The propaganda war has not only produced record numbers of feminists of the female variety. It also produced far greater numbers of male feminists. The anti-family propaganda war is being promoted first and foremost through the education system, of which our media are a major part, playing a leading and controlling role. For instance, children are a captive audience for TV programs and are generally already well indoctrinated before they even enter kindergarten. See also How to create a new social order.

The following is a good indicator of the extent of the effectiveness and pervasiveness of that propaganda war:

The day of the year on which the most phone calls are made. The correct response was “What is Mothers Day?”

The day of the year on which the most collect phone calls are made. The correct response was “What is Fathers Day?”

From page 10 (third paragraph) of
Father and Child Reunion:
How to Bring the Dads We Need to the Children We Love
By Warren Farrell

We cannot and must not blame modern feminism for that symptom of the anti-family propaganda war. Having been involved with the telecommunication industry for all of my long working life, I can assure you that those disparate statistics have been around for as long as the telecommunication industry existed. Going by much evidence from the Victorian Age and before, evidence that the feminists never mention or talk about, the anti-father social bias was around even long before that. Modern feminism itself is a product of that propaganda war, except that now the feminists are the major influence steering and intensifying that war.

The propaganda war is designed to dumb people down and to create apathy and diversions, anything that works to take people’s attention away from things that really matter. For example, consider the dog-and-pony show that they made out of weather forecasts that often cannot even “forecast” current conditions correctly, let alone be reasonably accurate more than eight hours in advance. Consider also the indoctrination of people with the overriding but totally unnecessary concern about saving the globe from the effects of greenhouse gases (pollution is nevertheless a very real problem worthy of much attention, as it harms literally millions of people and kills many of them).

Therefore, most men who became expunged from their families feel guilty, not justifiably outraged about having their civil rights violated. All of western society has become a show trial in the “People’s Court” of public opinion, an all-pervasive and ongoing show trial in which men are made to confess guilt, to accept the blame and to atone for their transgressions against women. Just as in the people’s courts of totalitarian systems, in our ongoing show trial that brings men to “justice”, almost all of those alleged transgressions by men are based on lies. Just the same, all men are assumed to be guilty before they even appear in the court of public opinion.

That explains why in Alberta (and the same condition prevails more or less, with very slight variations, in all of Canada and in all of the developed nations) out of approximately 50,000 open cases in the child-maintenance enforcement program quite literally only a handful of men (probably at most five) are fathers rights activists. Believe it or not, I spoke with many Alberta fathers who firmly believed that the fact that they obtained joint custody (in reality standard visitation rights, that is, at best, one weekend every 14 days) is proof in writing that they are good and trustworthy fathers. They feel violated by not having that meager right that was meted out to them respected. Still, they feel proud that they proved themselves to be trustworthy to that meager extent, but they are not outraged that their and their children’s rights have been violated by having the courts hold those children’s fathers in such a low regard that they don’t accord those children the right to be equally parented by both parents, even though after divorce or separation those children already miss out on half of the parenting time they should receive from both parents.

That situation is not likely to change until public opinion about fathers changes to the point where counter-propaganda in favour of fathers and families obtains an equal amount of attention by the very same audiences.

The problem of the general public apathy about the systematic and planned destruction of our families cannot satisfactorily be solved from the top down (e.g.: through arguments regarding the judiciary or jurisprudence in general). It must be solved from the bottom up, at the grass-roots of society. The solution begins by teaching society respect for fathers. That can only be achieved by having fathers and mothers taking back from the feminists and their fellow-travellers the control of the education system.

Nevertheless, most so-called fathers rights activists are motivated not by an overwhelming need to change society for the better but by their feelings of anger about their personal misfortunes. That is why the FR movement has such a high turn-over rate. Most of its members drop out of the movement as soon as they manage by whatever means to cope with their personal issues. I know no more than about twenty men alive now in the whole world (including the non-English-speaking part) who stuck with the FR movement for more than twenty years and became effective activists in the process.

Unfortunately few so-called FR activists are familiar with any or most of their ideological leaders and pioneers. The feminists and the women taught by them know their ideological leaders and pioneers, on account of all-pervasive women’s studies programs that are mandatory in all social studies programs at the entry-level. The teaching of the feminist doctrine extends to varying but extensive degrees even into all religious denominations, of whom, for example, Catholicism is only one of many that has been and is being made over in Her image. ( 2018 08 07: Now, in 2018, very few, if any, universities still offer women’s studies programs.  In essence, women’s studies programs had to be shut down on account of lack of enrolment. Consider the current status–2018–of women’s studies programs.)

Extremely few Canadian men’s rights activists know that not all that long ago men’s studies programs were taught at two Canadian universities and a Canadian college, let alone know who taught those programs or know the circumstances that caused those programs to cease being taught. For that reason it should not surprise anyone that few men’s rights activists know much of anything about men’s rights and what role those should play in a well-functioning society.

How far the feminist ideology has spread and overwhelms academic thinking in the social sciences, the media and all of society is illustrated by the following statistics compiled from search results using http://google.com.

Search Term Search Returns
2006 08 28 2006 09 14 2007 03 24
Women’s Studies 24,100,000 11,500,000 2,770,000
Men’s Studies 602,000 398,000 296,000
Women Studies Program 340,000 330,000 269,000
Men’s Studies Program 686 636 594

Source: Google.com

One of the best things about those statistics is that they reflect the rapid decline of the teaching of the feminist ideology at the university level. Men’s rights activists appear not to know about that decline. If they were to pay attention to it, the numbers for men’s studies and men’s studies programs would by now be on the rise.

The following two articles reveal the rift that developed within the women’s rights movement over the conflict between hard-line feminists presently in control of the women’s studies programs of the world and the women who would like to spread a dose of reality as to the importance of women as mothers within families and within well-functioning societies.

  1. Feminist Says Child Rearing not Worthy of Time and Talents of Intelligent Humans

    By Hilary White

    NEW YORK, June 20, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) — Linda Hirshman, a feminist US writer on cultural issues, has told the world why she thinks staying at home with the children is an occupation “not worthy of the full time and talents of intelligent and educated human beings.” She complains at length that the feminist movement, while making some gains in public life through legal activism, has largely failed in the one area where it counts most: the family. (Full Story)

  2. Germany’s Top News Anchorwoman Leads “Anti-Feminist” Revolution

    Admitted to regretting her three divorces, and condemned abortion

    By Gudrun Schultz

    Eva HermanBERLIN, Germany, March 20, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A leading German TV-moderator and anchorwoman of the country’s top newscast caused an uproar last year when she admitted to regretting her three divorces, and condemned abortion, Die Tagespost reported.

    Eva Herman published her account of the fatal flaws in a career-oriented lifestyle in a bestselling book entitled “The Eva-Principle: Towards a New Femininity”, released last year. Now she’s published a second book, this one containing letters from women supporting her rejection of feminist self-fulfillment propaganda, reported Der Spiegel news magazine…. (Full Story)

It seems that most fathers-rights activists are too involved with their personal issues to have noticed that the rift is there and widening.

Can there be fathers’ rights without complementary women’s rights? Should the two not go hand-in-hand? Just as there are as many or more male feminists than there are female ones, is feminism, with its anti-family stance, not the enemy of mothers, fathers, their children and of all of society? Is that an issue that feminist women and pro-family women must decide in a mutual slug-fest, while fathers’ rights activists stand by and say nothing?


Walter Schneider


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