How to create a new social order

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The evolution towards a new social order is driven by younger people.  That younger people are liberal should not surprise anyone. The lure of sexual freedom, of entitlements and of “rights” is far more attractive to younger people than the fruits that are long in coming from chastity before marriage, from marital fidelity and from duties and obligations.

The following commentary is a response to a new fathers-rights activist who believes he is a liberal.

Vern (not his real name),

I realize that very likely you are more liberal than I am conservative. The middle of the political spectrum appears to be a bit closer to me on the right than it is to you on the left.

I was quite liberal once, when I was your age. A good majority of people that age is liberal. However, someone once said that a person who is not a conservative at age 45 or older is a liberal that never smartened up.

But that younger people are liberal should not surprise anyone. The lure of sexual freedom, of entitlements and of “rights” is far more attractive to younger people than the fruits are that are long in coming from chastity before marriage, from marital fidelity and from duties and obligations.

It’s a story that is as old as the history of religions that tried to convert people from being a conglomerate of savages and from being addicted to swinging through the trees, so to speak, according to the law of the jungle, to convincing them to do labours required for earning their bread by the sweat of their brow, to learn the three Rs and whatever else they possibly could and was necessary to construct the orderly society that was required to build and maintain a thriving, constantly-improving civilization.

People assume that older people have a lot of wisdom. I don’t know whether I acquired enough wisdom to be called wise, but I know that I have far more wisdom now than I had when I was your age. Wisdom is nothing more than the sum-total of our experiences. I have a long life full of experiences behind me, few of which were learned in school, as I had to discard far too often too many of those. To me, to be wise is to apply one’s experiences in making rational and constructive decisions.

One of the things I experienced and also learned about is the changing nature of the education system (and I include the media in that, as they are the largest influence in indoctrinating us).

The public-education systems of the world are based on what was for the first time created in Prussia, when the Prussian king at that time realized (1794) that his political and military successes depended on the thorough indoctrination of his subjects – indoctrination that could not be implemented without universal, state-controlled education. Prussia’s soldiers at the time could neither read nor write nor do arithmetic well, beyond counting their fingers and their toes. After all, common soldiers were conscripted from the lowest classes of society, classes that could not afford to send their children to private schools, and there were no public schools.

The Prussian king changed that by issuing a decree that made “free” public education compulsory and universal. He did that to produce better soldiers and more loyal subjects. It worked, and the rest is history. The Prussian education system was so successful in achieving its aims that in the 1800’s it was adopted by the USA and by Japan.

The Prussian public education system was used to create loyal and meek subjects in Germany under the Kaisers’ times during the 19th century, and to make those subjects accept their lot, to become willing to die for their Kaisers as well as to willingly produce a never-ending supply of children willing to become soldiers and do the same.

Eventually, the German education system was used to convince German children that to be a liberal in a democratic nation was better than to die as a conservative under the Kaiser.  The Weimar Republic lasted from 1917 until 1933 and brought social and financial chaos to Germany, through, amongst many other things, liberalizing society and social moral standards (to about the same extent to which that is being done right now throughout the developed nations and many of the lesser developed nations).

The communists as well as the national-socialists battled each other during the days of the Weimar republic for the privilege to liberate Germans from the Weimar Republic. The fascists won.  The education system of the Weimar Republic, controlled and maintained by bureaucrats of the old bent, contributed much to bring the fascists to victory in that struggle, by making sure that kids in the system became good fascists who longed to restore the former greatness of Germany.

When the fascists had gained control, they promptly made sure that the education system came under firmer control by the State than it had ever been before. One method they used for that was to force all male students of age-10 and older to become members of the Hitler Youth (girls had to become members of the Federation of German Girls, affiliated with the Hitler Youth), a unified, state-controlled organization that simply amalgamated all of the 35 or more existing different youth organizations into the Hitler Youth. Until then there had been as many youth organizations as there were political parties and religious denominations, but after that there was only one party and one official religion.

Membership with any other organization became then illegal. All of that was achieved by promoting it through the education system, as surely as German boys’ teachers convinced their students that they had to volunteer to join the army (in class-room lots) once before, during the first world war.

I was born in 1936 and entered school in the Fall of 1942. I was quite a smart kid and already at an early age read the newspapers. I realized some of what was going on. Having had parents that were not party members helped a lot with that, but all of my older brothers and sisters were members of the Hitler Youth and of the FGG (the German abbreviation is BDM = Bund Deutscher Maedchen). I don’t want to get lost in the details of all of that.

Even though I knew, to some extent, what was going on, I became a good German patriot and was quite disappointed when Germany lost the war (four weeks after the end of the war I turned nine). If you don’t think of looking for it (besides, what you are familiar with you are not likely to critically examine; moreover, in those days we did not question the authorities in charge of our education), you will never realize how much material used for indoctrinating children is contained in the text books they use, even in arithmetic primers.

When we were “liberated” by the Allied Forces (in reality by the American military/industrial machine), although then it was quite properly called “defeated”, one of the first things the occupational forces did was to confiscate and to literally pulp all text books that had been used in the education curriculum. Then new text books were printed: Nazism was out, American-style democracy and consumerism were in. We became re-oriented again, with such changes being easily implemented in a state-dominated and -controlled education system.  The outcome of that got called the German Economic Miracle.  That was during the golden age of capitalism, when living standards and the quality of life improved at a phenomenal, unprecedented rate for everyone.

Things stayed pretty much the same then throughout most of the developed nations, until TV came, the 1960’s arrived (more precisely, the 1968 student revolution – arguably planned and organized by Moscow and financed by Pankow, that is, by the USSR and the GDR, respectively), and the new liberal totalitarianism came to the end of the inroads it had been making throughout the post-war years. Now a new sort of totalitarianism established itself, to promote political correctness, sexual freedom, to dethrone man from his position as the crown of creation and to make him equal and even subservient to “the other animals.” That was no longer done under the auspices of either fascism or communism but under the control and direction of the toxic trinity of humanicide:

  1. Environmentalism – the war between people and the planet.
  2. Multiculturalism – the war between the world and its component nations.
  3. Feminism – the war between the two component human genders.

All three took over and controlled the curriculum, made-over its text books (check WHO KILLED CANADIAN HISTORY?), began to get rid of the parents (at least half of them) and their influence, and started to produce kids befitting the new social order, the New World Order.

In the process, a lot of affirmed feminists were created who want to impose the doctrine of Carl Marx and Fredric Engels (sans economics) on humanity.

Just as always before, the school system was the purveyor of the new state-religion. You are not quite with it if you believe that the feminists produced by the education system were and are all of the female variety. A state-sponsored education system steered and firmly controlled by a state-sponsored totalitarian ideology indoctrinates all children, boys as well as girls.

There never were two separate sorts of fascists, female and male, two separate sorts of communists, male and female. There certainly never was only a female variety of feminists.

Similar to the other radical ideologies and as with all belief-systems, the new totalitarian ideology operated and controlled the new education system that established itself by about the mid-sixties. It produced male and female acolytes of the state-religion of the new world order. This time around it produced girls that were made to believe that they are superior to boys although equal, and boys that are made to believe that they are equal to girls although they must accept that they are inferior to women, sub-human, second-class citizens that must subserviently accept that all women are good and all men are bad.

Lenin said: “Give me your four-year-olds, and in one generation I will create a socialist state.” He delivered on his promise, by indoctrinating children, just as all of the other education systems achieved their goals through indoctrinating children, children who, once they become almost-finished products of their education systems, believe that what they believe in, pursue and promote is a timeless, absolute norm. Most of those children will continue throughout adulthood along the trend set by the education system that formed their beliefs. Some will deviate from the prescribed path and attempt to change the world to something better than that with which they are being forcefully spoon-fed.

The education system of the new world order is doing its job well, better than any other education system ever controlled by totalitarian systems did, on a global scale. It is bringing about the global, socialist, totalitarian gynarchia. It does so without any shots being fired, without a bloody revolution, but through subversion of all social institutions from within. Nevertheless, it can be successfully argued that it is far more deadly than any other totalitarian education systems ever were. The new system not only causes men to die increasingly sooner than women (relatively, and the more so the more socialism is progressing in a given nation), it also causes all of humanity to vanish by reducing its rate of propagation to below replacement levels.

In the 1990’s I checked world population trends in detail and found that the number of children born annually had levelled off about 20 years earlier, that the population increases that were still happening were entirely due to steady increases in the average life span of women – due to a considerably slower increase in the average lifespan of men. That is certainly even more so today. It would not surprise me at all to find that the annual number of children born in the world today is dropping at a considerable rate, as 30 years ago abortions were not yet universally legal, while today they are not only legal virtually everywhere but even compulsory in some nations.

Going by conservative estimates, by 2150 the world population will have shrunk to 3.5 billion people, provided that current trends continue and that no one finds a way to accelerate the steadily accelerating rate of the extinction of mankind. Also going by existing trends, by 2150, women will quite likely comprise close to two-thirds of the world population, while the remaining men then still will be doing the dirty, sweaty, onerous and dangerous jobs. Is that not a fitting end to the glory of men enshrined in the infamous, long-dead patriarchy, to die to the last man as sacrifices on the altar of feminism?

Lastly, the German liberal Weimar Republic was no more nor less wise than today’s equivalent.

The Weimar Republic collapsed because it failed to pick a good model after which to fashion itself. It never had enough time to learn from history before it became subverted from within by the anti-democratic radicals it produced.

Today’s equivalent of the Weimar Republic went one step farther. It implemented a system of totalitarian radicals whom it can firmly control. It refuses to learn from history to the extent that it completely eliminated the teaching of history (as in history being a long sequence of actions and consequences that bring about and require more actions that bring more consequences).

Neither “Weimar Republic” acquired enough wisdom to make a single wise decision. The first brought chaos by allowing the destruction of social order to happen. The second is bringing social chaos through deliberately creating it globally.


Addendum (2007 03 13) Thanks to Suchindra Chandrahas:

A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.

–Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) in Brave New World, 1932

My Note:

It is on record that the German eugenics program as executed by the SS had its ideological roots in the Social Darwinism that led to the Eugenics Movement in the UK. Eugenics evolved out of the Natural Selection theory of Darwin’s cousin Sir Francis Galton. One of its promoters was, for instance, Aldous Huxley, who summarized some of his ideas [actually they were more likely his brother’s, Julian Huxley, who had expressed them a year or so earlier in a discussion paper in about the same detail as Aldous Huxley then in 1932 described them] in Brave New World.

Many people see Brave New World as a critique of Social Darwinism, but that would be taking the wrong view. Brave New World is a critique of “archaic” moral standards. [Mind you, in the foreword to the 1946 edition of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley white-washed his earlier views – although deliberately leaving them unchanged – by giving the impression that the original version of his book was intended to be satire. That would be acceptable, if that foreword would have been written in 1932, when Hitler’s designs for all-out state-sponsored and -imposed eugenics were already well known and much to the liking of the international eugenics community of which the Huxley’s were then already and since long before an integral part]

—Walter H. Schneider, in About the History and Evolution of Eugenics

Is it necessary that the cycle of the current civilization must run down to its complete end, total social chaos, for a new dark age to establish itself and to prevail for many hundreds of years before the construction of a new civilization will begin once more? Isaac Asimov described a cycle like that in his short story NightFall, insinuating that, any extent of efforts to prevent collapse into total chaos to the contrary, the never-ending repetition of social chaos and reconstruction of civilizations cannot be interrupted.

There appears to be no solution to that in our world, for the reason that no serious problem was ever successfully solved unless there was first a critical mass of people affected by the problem that reached agreement that the problem existed, on what its nature was, on what needed to be done to eradicate the problem, and that the will and resources required to eliminate the problem existed. By the way, Nightfall was once required reading in the Rand Corporation, I believe. It appears doubtful that that is still so.

Once families according to the concept of the traditional nuclear family no longer exist, the transfer of wealth and social traditions from one generation to the next can no longer take place. The total collapse of the civilization bringing that about is inevitable. It will destroy itself. – WHS


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