Will mass-rallies help draw attention to men’s plight?

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Will mass-rallies help draw attention to men’s plight?  How can one tell, what to use to measure it by?  There were no rallies for men in recent memory. 


The last rallies targeting men’s issues were the ones organized by Promise Keepers. Those rallies did not aim at promoting the status of men.  They were essentially intended to convince men to become better servants for women, thereby to return men once more to fill the pews in their local churches.

The article linked in the first sentence of the preceding paragraph states,

“Social movements have traditionally found it difficult to parlay their appeal into an enduring influence unless they become institutionalized.  In the world of feminism, the women’s movement became consolidated and endures as the National Organization of Women.” —John P. Bartkowski

That was stated in 2003 and is problematic.  Firstly, the statement does not even get the name of the organization right, which is, more correctly, “National Organization for Women” (NOW).  Secondly, NOW had already then become dominated by lesbian individuals and interests.  Thirdly, as NOW became more and more dominated by lesbian-feminist and radical-feminist ideology, it lost more and more of the attraction it once had held for most American women, especially for those who distance themselves from the ideological excesses of lesbian feminism and radical feminism (a.k.a. Marxist feminism or socialist feminism — see also  “Start of a bad ending: The Feminine Mystique” to gain an appreciation of the transition of NOW).

That had led already in 2003 to an accelerating decline of enrolment in women’s studies programs, a decline that had by 2007 become so severe that women’s studies program were being shut down and are (in 2018) no longer offered  by universities.

In that context, Jamie wrote, March 2007:

Hi Walter,

I’m really happy to hear back from you, and I understand that we would need to have a lot of people show up at a rally to have our voices heard. Your website seems to be the perfect outlet for such a campaign, or perhaps by creating a not-for-profit foundation and contacting various media outlets and getting the word out there, haha. I know I have lofty ideas about this but I want to do whatever I can not just for myself, but for all people men or women who have been wronged by the lack of accountability and unfairness of the laws.




There is someone who is trying his best to raise public awareness of men’s plight, in a fashion similar to but not quite the same in which you envision it should be done, although he may well endorse a rally if there are enough men that wish to dedicate themselves.

Without telling you who that is, I sent a copy of our exchange to him and hope that he will get in touch with you to discuss details. The success and effectiveness of your cooperation will depend on your willingness to devote yourself.

I don’t wish to kid anyone. I know how much time and dedication something like that takes and for how long.

Are you willing to spend a major part, and at times all, of your waking hours to something like that? It is a thankless job, mainly because most people will find it far easier to be critical than to be creative and constructive. Are you ready for that, for the frustration it can cause, ready to stick with it for years, despite of the criticisms and set-backs that you must be ready for?

About the website of Fathers for Life being used to promote something like that, sure, that is possible. The question is, for how much longer? I am 70, going on 71…., and I am quite maxed out, with fathers rights issues not the only area of activities I am involved in; but there is another concern.

The website of Fathers for Life is quite popular, growing in popularity, and it receives visitors from all over the world.  However, only 10.9 percent of those visitors are from Canada. To my knowledge, Fathers for Life is the second-most-popular fathers-rights website in Canada. Still, at best, the website can only help to promote activism. It is not likely that it will soon become a controlling motivating force for social change in Canada.

The Canadian media are the driving force for social change in Canada, and our media are firmly controlled by feminist and liberal interests who actively seek the promotion of the destruction of the family. Unless we get the media on our side, so that the general public is exposed to coverage of our concerns and goals every day of the year and many times each day, nothing will happen that will help men, especially not family men.

Rallies will help positive changes to come about, but they must be a growing wave of escalating mass-rallies that don’t let up, something in the order of the spontaneous and sustained mass rallies that helped to bring down the totalitarian regimes in many of the countries in the former communist bloc. Nothing less will gain lasting attention.

The fathers-rights rallies I observed or participated in during the past 20 years were far less likely to inflame than they simulated matches held to a wet fuse.

Lenin said that full bellies make for poor revolutionaries. The vast majority of people is far too-deeply immersed in enjoying the fruits of consumerism (and in trying to pay off an ever-escalating mountain of consumer debt) to be able to acquire the level of idealism required to bring about constructive social change.

I am convinced that the life cycle of our present civilization must run its full course, right down to the ultimate total chaos of complete social breakdown, before a better and more conservative social order can emerge once more.

History repeats itself. We now go through the equivalent of the last days of the Roman Empire. The New Dark Age is beginning. Quite possibly, the new social order that will eventually emerge will be firmly founded on Islam. That will be of little concern to us, because by that time we will no longer be around, and neither will our descendants, because we no longer produce enough of them to keep our civilization from vanishing.



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  1. dr_rythm


    Fathers 4 Justice today called for a new “spirit of unity” in the movement, in the run-up to their Fathers Day Conga in London on 15th June 2007.

    Said F4J campaigner Guy Harrison, “As a campaign we are resurgent and moving forwards. We have already made new alliances with colleagues both old and new in an effort to create a broad coalition to fight the family courts and
    the government.”

    “Our message has a new value as a political currency and by focusing on our nation’s children, our campaign can be reinterpreted in a new and dynamic way, tackling the problem from the children up and the father down. We invite all groups regardless of any historical differences to come together in a new coalition based on mutual respect and a desire to change this evil system of family law.”

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