Male and Female Domestic Violence Rates

Male and Female Domestic Violence Rates

Mind-boggling implications of the report from which the excerpt shown was copied.

male and female DV-rates

Unfortunately, the report is completely in graphic format, which is why the PDF file is so large.  Nevertheless, it is worth having a copy of.  (Link to the report)

The report is based on an examination of a good number of DV studies from all over the world.  It confirms what those with open and objective minds have known for decades: interspousal violence is not a male monopoly.  It is at least as often committed by women as it is committed by men.

That the myth of men having a monopoly on that aspect of interpersonal violence persisted for so long in the face of so much evidence from reputable and even government sources is nothing less than evidence of the power of feminist propaganda promoted by people in thrall to an oppressive totalitarian ideology.


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2 Responses to Male and Female Domestic Violence Rates

  1. David Millar


    And yet! The truth shall be no impediment to femmunists, Canadian and world-wide.

    I noticed SOW [Status of Women Canada, a government-sponsored radical-feminist organization] just got funding again, and yet again without [funding for] a corresponding government funded Male counterpart lobbying group!

    But, you know, since it would appear that even the “best” of women aren’t up to anything besides lying and whoring, what else can the Government of Canada do but pay them enough to keep them occupied with yapping in their offices? -dwm-

  2. Alvarez says:

    Hello from Madrid. Just now I’m working on a comparative table of research about DV. Until now, I have consulted about fifty studies, all of them with symmetrical results in partner violence perpetration (and many others I have discarded because they examine only male-to-female violence or clinic samples and similar). Results for samples of general population are always symmetrical and, particularly in dating couples, they record more female-to-male aggressions. More interesting, when you find a disproportionate imbalance in male-to-female violence, there is always something “special” in the study. For example, one of the most frequently cited by many researchers (Dobash&Dobash, 2004) is about 90 couples in which the husbands ¡had been convicted as aggressors in courts!


    Javier Alvarez

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