Women, children, disrespect

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Women, children, disrespect – Three articles on women, children, fatherlessness and disrespect — From broken relationships to disrespect, social chaos and criminality.

Disrespect, a consequence of fatherlessness?

Today I came across three articles that comprise a continuous story of a progression from broken relationships to disrespect, social chaos and criminality, caused by selfishness, lack of respect for fathers and by fatherlessness.

  • The Observer, 11 February 2007

Is multi-dadding the future of parenting?

By Lucy Cavendish

Lucy Cavendish talks to the women who have built one big happy family out of several doomed relationships…(Full Story)

Note: The stories related in the article are of women who revel in the conditions of fatherlessness they created. However, who is to say that these “big happy” families are all that happy, happy enough to be the last, each, after a series of broken ones with expunged fathers? It seems that some will hold that these women are little more civilized than bitches in heat and have use for fathers only as sperm donors. Why would anyone call a social hodge-podge like that “one big happy family”?

  • BBC News, 15 February 2007:  

Shock at women goading toddlers

Footage of four women goading toddlers to fight has “stunned” police and social services in Devon…(Full Story)

And men got a bad rap for enjoying dog fights and cock fights? Is it more civilized to goad children to fight than it is to have animals do so?  Civilization is the product of the evolution of the traditional nuclear family, the latter being comprised of two parents, one of each sex, married for life, with all of their children, all living under a common roof.  Civilization is a thin veneer covering millions of years of savagery. Remove parents, even if only one half of them, fathers, and the result is anarchy.The next article’s got it right, but it is amazing how many of the comments shown after the article don’t get it.

  • Scandal of the absent fathers

By TONY SEWELL, Chief Executive of the charity Generating Genius – More by this author »

Daily Mail, 16th February 2007 — The gun and gang culture is spreading faster than any of us could have predicted. A third youth has been shot dead in South London within a fortnight…(Full Story)


The making of a responsible, constructive member of society?

Video of apprehension of Australian boy who threw rocks at passing vehicles — Where is the father?

Disrespect — the product of fatherlessnesss

Disrespect — the product of fatherlessnesss


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