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Men, Masculinity, and Gender Equality

Regarding men, masculinity, and gender equality, this video of a TV Ontario interview (The Agenda, with Steve Paikin) on YouTube (in 5 short parts) is definitely worth watching. The guests on the interview are Katherine Young (co-author, with Paul Nathanson, of “Spreading Misandry“), Walter Fox (criminal lawyer specializing in representing men in divorce and false-accusation cases; see his October 24, 2000 presentation to the Ontario Standing Committee on Justice and Social Policy), Ian Brown (host of TVO’s “The View from Here”, a typical “honorary woman” as defined by Katharine Young in the interview, although she was not pointing her finger at Ian Brown), and David Shackleton (new-age man, mytho-poetic and … Continue reading

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Women, children, disrespect

Update 2018 12 09: Added links to related articles Update 2018 01 26: Added link to video of apprehension of Australian boy who threw rocks at passing vehicles — Where is the father? Women, children, disrespect – Three articles on women, children, fatherlessness and disrespect — From broken relationships to disrespect, social chaos and criminality. Disrespect, a consequence of fatherlessness? Today I came across three articles that comprise a continuous story of a progression from broken relationships to disrespect, social chaos and criminality, caused by selfishness, lack of respect for fathers and by fatherlessness. The Observer, 11 February 2007 Is multi-dadding the future of parenting? By Lucy Cavendish Lucy Cavendish … Continue reading

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