censorship of sent comments pertaining to Erin Pizzey article in Daily Mail?

Although I had sent a comment on an Erin Pizzey article (How feminists tried to destroy the family, 22nd January 2007) to the Daily Mail a couple of days ago, the comment has not yet been posted at their website.

Perhaps what I wrote does not match required standards; perhaps there is feminist censorship at work that prevents information on the total and absolute feminist censorship of Erin Pizzey’s book, ‘Prone to Violence’, to be published at the Daily Mail’s website.

Here is what I had sent to the Daily Mail:

When Erin Pizzey’s book, ‘Prone to Violence’, had first been published, the feminists so thoroughly censored it that by 1996 only 13 copies of it remained in a few libraries in the whole English-speaking world (with the help of men’s rights activists, the book is now available on the Internet and in print).

That is the power of feminist censorship in action, censorship that is far more extensive and pervasive than censorship ever was in any other totalitarian regime; and all because feminists want us to believe that women cannot be and are not as violent as men are in spousal relationship.

There are now literally hundreds of studies that prove that Erin Pizzey was right all along, not only with respect to inter-spousal violence but also about there being an international agenda for the planned destruction of the family.

The number of comments published by the Daily Mail in connection with Erin Pizzey’s article reached 22 and remained unchanged since yesterday morning. All of the comments are positive.

Today I resubmitted my comment for a second try.

After having done so I was again informed of what the readers of the Daily Mail talk about. Here is what I learned:

Today our readers are talking about…

22 comments: Revolt of the judges: the day they turned on John Reid
11 comments: Drug addicts told ‘kick habit and win an iPod’
10 comments: Honours row deepens as Downing St’s secret military-strength e-mail network is revealed
9 comments: Labour moves to strip voters of rights over rubbish collection
9 comments: No-pay day plea to NHS staff

It is odd that, with a total of 22 comments in relation to Erin Pizzey’s article published, no link to Erin Pizzey’s article is contained in that list.

Did any of you write to the Daily Mail and found that your comment too did not get published in connection with Erin Pizzey’s article? If so, send to me a copy of what it was you wrote. I will publish it at .

Link to Erin Pizzey’s article in the Daily Mail

Link to web pages for Erin Pizzey

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Subject: Let’s help improve the rank of Erin Pizzey’s article
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 14:19:10 -0700
From: Walter H. Schneider
Reply-To: info@fathersforlife.org
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Some men-rights activists, pro-family activists and others posted their comments on Erin Pizzey’s article in the Daily Mail.

As per today’s ranking at the Daily Mail.

Today our readers are talking about…

73 comments: Blair caves in over adoption laws
55 comments: The jilted bride who refused to miss out on her big day
53 comments: ‘Grammar schools should never have been closed’ minister admits
47 comments: How two maths teachers clocked up 707 houses and £240m fortune
42 comments: Prove you’re over 18, store tells pensioner trying to buy sherry

Erin Pizzey’s article deserves to be ranked with or ahead of those. Help to make that happen.

All of the 17 comments on Erin Pizzey’s article in the Daily Mail are positive! Add yours! Here is the link.

Forward this message to others, as widely as you can.


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  1. dr_rythm


    Hi Walter,
    Just saw your request concerning Erin Pizzy and The Daily Mail. I’m afraid I did not make a copy of my post but I can confirm that mine did not go in and the number of postings is still stuck at 22. I would be surprised however if the Daily Mail would censor this type of subject as they are a very pro family newspaper. It’s worth asking Melanie Philips as she usually responds to my emails, even if it is only a one liner


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